Looking for ENGINE SHOP in SCHUYLKILL County, PA

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Heyy I'm having ALOT of trouble finding a good shop to take my engine to get rebuilt at in my area. I live in pennsylvania...Schuylkill County...It doesn't have to be in this county but I don't wanna drive real far either..If anyone can help me out or knows of anyone that might know..please let me know..thankyou!
  2. Where is Schuylkill County?
  3. You might wat to post in the NE section. Im pretty sure your up north a lil more right? didnt live in pa for long but thats what I seem to rember.....anyway If your willing to go to central PA Kauffman Motorsports is really good, so is McNews(sp) I cant rember the exact locations now but if your intrested I can get the locations and probaly phone #'s from my bf
  4. If your willing to go to luzerne county I know a few places.
  5. what places would those be...im not sure how far luzerne is from schuylkill?
  6. i dont think your far from me....mardinly's is in lawrence park and there not bad if you got the time!!
  7. hmm Theres a place called RPM in lehighton...but i dont know anythign about them...