looking for friend's 97 cobra (Sold in 2003)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 98GT, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys, somewhat of a long shot- but I'm curious if anyone here knows of a 1997 Rio Red Cobra coupe that was sold around 2003 in NJ to a dealership, and then finally at auction in PA (i think) later that year (or give or take a few months).

    It was heavily modded but had some relatively unique features: vortech v-1, tko, new paint (rio red), cervini's stalker wing/stalker side skirts/rear skirts, carbon fiber cobra hood (painted rio red) carbon fiber dash overlay and black leather interior).

    We used to have a lot of fun in that car and was just wondering if it's still around or if someone totaled it (was fast!!) Thanks for any help
  2. 4stangscd57.jpg
    poor pic, but maybe it will jog someone's memory!
  3. Post up the last six digits of the VIN - maybe the new owner of it will see it and can confirm he/she is on here (or another message board?).

    Also, have you tried doing a title look-up by VIN at the DMV for NJ and PA already? (this is assuming one can obtain the registration information, or at least the city, of where the last known owner resides). Might help you narrow it down if you are serious on finding it - can try attending some local car shows in that particular city/area to see if you can find someone who knew/knows of that Cobra if it's still out there on the road.

    G'luck ! :cheers: