Looking for Hedman Header part #

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  1. I have a 1967 Mustang with a 1993 5.0 litter engine and T5, 5-speed trans with a Moderern Driveline cable clutch. Does anyone know a part # for the Hedman long tube headers that will work with this combo?

    Thanks, John.
  2. I used an #88306 in a 65, with the same combo. Should work fine for you too.
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. The 88300 is the painted version of the 88306. Same tube design. Sounds nice with an H pipe too.
  5. Ok just tried the 88300 and the front tube from the #5 cyl is right where the cable goes into the bell.
    Thinking of going with shorties, anyone have that combo with shorties and an H or X pipe? Oh ya I also have a Borgson power steering box! Name brand and part #s would be great

    Thanks, John.
  6. The 351 swap headers are supposed to work though they'll prob hang lower..I have the 88300 headers and they most certainly don't clear without bending the cable which is a no no..I paid to have that#5 tube cut out and relocated

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  7. Interesting. I know the 88306 fit perfectly for me. I have the 5.0 bell housing, not an adpated 289 bell and the longer SN95 cable not the shorter earlier version. The cable routes around the oil filter. I thought the 88300 was the same design as the 88306 but that is apparently not so.
  8. They sure look the same...

    "Hedman 88300 Painted Exhaust Header Tube Size 1 5/8"" Coll 3"" Ford 289-351W"

    "Hedman 88306 HTC Exhaust Header Tube Size 1 5/8"" Coll Size 3"" w/o Smog"

  9. They look the same to me.
  10. Here is a stock 88300 bottom And My modified one on top...this header needs to be modified if u want the cable to go straight in without bending it


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  11. I think I recall seeing your posts on this before. What cable and bell are you using, v8only? The 88306 fits mine like a glove.
  12. Fox bell with sn95 these headers at number five tube wind up literally right in front of the bell housing where the cable enters..I don't doubt you but I wonder if you could have gotten different headers because I have had more than one friend with the exact same issue as mine

    you can see in this picture with the modified Tube it still barely clears. before I had it modified I almost could make it work but I had to zip tie the cable out of the way which provided a bad arc for the cable and a stiff pedal


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  13. I'll send a photo and re-check my invoice when I get back to CT in May, I know these cars differ somewhat, but this should be exactly the same car to car. You are using the longer cable thean needs to routre around the oil filter, correct? I know that the shorter cable presents melting issues, but the loneger cable is a straight shot into the bell for me. I don't have the 883000, I do have the 88306 which may be slightly different, even tho' the piuctures look VERY similar.
  14. Yea I have the longer cable...I have heard the 351 swap headers will work with the 5.0 289 302 and b a straight shot..Yea I'd love to see pics

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  15. Great picture's, I know what I'm doing tomorrow! I just need to locate some 1 5/8 OD tubing and hope my welds look half as good as yours. Nothing a little header rap wont hide. I hope to post pics by the weekend of my soon to be modified Hedman headers.
  16. He he...mine were welded by my friend who is the fabricator for a major header co...



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  17. I got it mocked up using Hedman tubing part #12054 and will try welding it together tomorrow...wish me luck!

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  18. How's it look? I even figured out how to send this pic from my cell phone to this post without the help of my 12 year old.
  19. That looks good!

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