Looking For Lightweight?

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  1. Stumbled upon these molded widebody kits while browsing the web. Apparantly, the foxbody is popular in this Lithuanian gp racing.




  2. That sure is interesting, never seen anything like it, mustang or not. The front isn't too atypical but the entire rear clip? Wow!!
  3. Meh.... What's the big deal? I been making these with my 3D printer for a year!

    Trouble is....

    It's a small printer. :(

    Putting all the pieces together with the Elmer's paste glue is a beeoch. It's the only kind the wife will let me have. :cry:

    Good part is, the glue still tastes as good as it did when I was a kid. :nice:
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  4. thats cool!
  5. That hatch looks like it would be a real bugger to open?
  6. For a track only car, I like it.
  7. I'd drive it to Sonic.
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