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  1. Ok, I'm new to the forum, and have a question.
    I've always had a soft spot for the '86 Fox Body GT. I almost bought one in like '88, but have haven't actively pursued getting one since, till NOW.
    I am relocating out of Ohio in about a week, and ran across one on Craigslist and have some questions.
    Now, I've been working in cars and trucks for years so I'm mechanical inclined.

    First is, what to look for, the typical problem areas.

    Also, the one in particular I may go look at looks good, T top car, needs transmission work. Says it runs strong, but 2nd gear is out, transmission is not in the car. Body good, one dent in quarter, doesn't look like its eat up either. I don't know the mileage. Looks like its been sitting, flat tire in one pic, no center caps. It's a project for sure. He's asking $2200, but that seems high based on the current condition.
    Any thoughts?

    I'm going to upload pics, but don't know if its going to work.

    Thanks everyone and I hope to be posting progress photos of a new protect soon.

    image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Runs strong but no tranny in it to verify? $1000 tops in that case, especially if your new to the breed
  3. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Wow, I thought maybe $1500. I don't like to insult folks when making offers, but I know cars pretty well and I knew $2200 was way high.
    I don't have an issue with the tranny situation, except that i cant DRIVE it before i buy it.
    If I'm going to offer, (and take the chance of having it), for $1000'ish, what known problem areas am I looking for? I know the obvious, under carriage, floor board, spare tire hold, those things. But what if any places I might not think of on the spot to check?
  4. well it has potential being its an 86 with t tops, but without a way to test drive it, it could need all sorts of steering and suspension work. And it runs strong likely means it did at one point in its life, but why was it left to die then?
  5. My thoughts exactly. I "LOVE" reading an ad that says, "ran great when parked........20 years ago".
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  6. Heres a question. Now I'm not a transmission guy, never been inside one. He says the one that was in it was new, (5 speed), but second gear needs replaced.
    What am I looking at with that fix? Less than total rebuild? Same cost cuz it needs tore down anyway?
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  7. IF you can get it at a steal, and you know that the motor is a weak spot- flat top pistons, terrible heads, etc., and plan on rebuilding it to your liking then it may be worth it.

    Add up what the cost is going to be to fix the things you can see are needed and then double, because I assure you there are going to be things you don't see or know about that need to be fixed. From what I can see so far

    Transmission rebuild or replacement
    clutch etc
    body work/paint job
    T top weatherstripping
    maintenance/tune up/ belts/hoses

    I've learned the hard way it is cheaper in the long run to buy a good, clean, taken care for car and pay a little more than trying to restore neglected cars.

    Good luck in your decision.
  8. Hey, thanks for the advice. I talked to him last night about the possibility of a trade for a motorcycle that I got for the ULTIMATE steal....*cough cough*....$75. We'll see. Now that I'm looking, I've found some other cars that I'm more comfortable with also.
    You guys rock
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  9. That car is going to need everything. If 2nd gear is wiped it'll need a rebuild regardless. I'm an 86 fan, first year of fuel injection, 4-eye, etc. You have to becareful since these cars are so rare. I wouldn't buy the first one I saw. Take your time and physically go look at these cars before even making a deal.
  10. make sure you look down at the strut tower for rust, major problem area!!!
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I'm surprised at the range in price with these cars. I've seen from $800 all the way up to like $18,000+
  12. That's a $500-1000 car right there.
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  13. I think I'll just go ahead and look at it and if I think it's worth dealing with, I'll just make him an offer. I asked about the "new" tranny that second went out in. He said its a Tremec. I need to get down there and physically see it though. I've been pretty good at finding deals. Hopefully that streak continues.
    Thanks again
  14. I'd keep looking. And don't be afraid to do some traveling to find a good deal. The next thing to consider is how much power are you looking to make? T tops aren't the best thing to have if you really plan on making some serious power.
    If it were me I'd be looking for a nice notchback.
  15. as for the tranny, There should be an id tag on it to help tell you what it really is
  16. I'm not looking to build a race car. Just something stock. Trust me I've been looking extensively all over. I did find a convertible here close by that needs drivetrain, '83 triple black, that was said to be in perfect condition, But the guy said someone checked it over and the floor pan under one rear seat needs replaced. He was very up front about it and dropped his price to $1000. The rest of the car looks showroom new but I'm not going to have a place to work on something after I move next week for at least a year.
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  17. Here's a question I have never thought I'd ever ask. Is it ok to start to hear it run if the tranny is not in? It's unbolted form the bell housing but the bell housing is still on the engine.i mean, just to hear run and idle, not rev it or anything.
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  18. I just bought a 86 t-top for my wife. Auto GT 1300 bucks. Sweet car everything works on it. A few issues with rust but nothing i cant fix. 2200 is too high.
  19. I'm back. I have made my move to sunny Gulf Shores Alabama. I kept searching and looked at a couple.
    One was a REAL turd for $2200. Horrible shape. I offered him $400, never heard back.
    As seen in my avatar, I found one, on AutoTrader, in South Carolina. After a BUNCH of pics and videos, I made and offer took the 10 hour drive this last weekend to pick it up.
    Drove it the 650 miles back here with only one overheat issue, (air in the system).
    I'll post all the details in another thread soon.
    Thanks for the help.

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