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  1. Well it looks like I might be getting out of the sn95 scene. Might! Im going to be getting a promotion at my second job that's going to more then double my weekly income. (I knew I was working there for a reason haha) so I'm going to be getting a new car. And ofcourse its gonna be a mustang. I still might keep the 94 and add some serious power lol. But ill need a new dd. So I'm thinking about picking up a new coyotte as my dd. Any suggestions? I really like th 13's. I'm not going to get a new one but I'm gonna be looking for a really low milage car. I'm open to anything 05+. Does anybody own one and how is it? Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Personally I would not buy anything but an 11+

    They are that good.
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  3. Yeah that's what I thought they look absolutely stunning aswell. The only way I would even look at an 05 style is if it were a rousch or something of that nature. I really want a grabber blue 11+. That's pretty much my dream car right there lol. Plus the 11+ are a lot more powerfull.
  4. I would try and hold out until the 2015 is released. You might get a great deal on a low mileage '11 then
  5. I wouldn't buy any SN197 older than an 11. The obvious reason is the engine, but also the earlier ones were plagued with some nasty problems. I'm also in the market for a new Mustang as a DD and will be looking at a used 11 and up- Kona blue, auto with the Brembo package.. The problem is they are in high demand and prices are almost as much as a new one.
  6. I had an 11 and I don't think you can get brembo package with an auto

    I really liked that car good luck
  7. I hate to say it, but damn man you change your mind a lot.....

    On another note, the 06' Vert vette my pop owns drives nice and all but is not the car for me. very underwhelming.
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  8. Def change my mind a lot. Lol. But I'm still prob gonna keep the 94. But I'm really drawn to the 11+. And now that I'm gonna be able to afford one I have to get one. Ill keep it stock except minor bolt ons and exhaust. Keep it farely tamed for a dd. Then hopefiully I can tear into the 94 make it a track/weekend car with loads of power.
    Its still gonna be awhile before I pull the trigger on the 11+ mustang atleast 6 months. I wanna make sure I get exactly what I want. Really like the grabber blue and kona blue colors.I'm really excited! And wasn't expecting this promotion to happen for atleast another two years. But it did. Thats really the only reason I changed my mind. I get chills evertime I see a nice 11+ stang.
  9. I like the new ones too but I'm not too wild 'bout the $40k price tag
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  10. IMO if you can/want to afford an 11+ go for it. Personally I would get a better dd(winters suck here!) for my needs. Then I'd pound a crap load of funds into my 86...oh wait that is exactly what I'm doing:rolleyes:
  11. Well, its only about what, 1300 hp shy of the Mustang you normally drive?
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  12. Well played Sir, no further comments from me...
  13. That's how I was feeling when I was shopping for something more of a dd than my fox to drive. Took me a while but I found this really clean '06 GT with 28k miles for under $19k. Payments are reasonable, runs great, and still have a couple bucks for some bolt ons if I choose to. Just my 2 cents IMG_4306.JPG
  14. Good lookin
  15. Since you live in brick, you see all weather conditions in a year. Some years no snow, some years 5 feet.

    May be time to grow up a bit if you are going to buy a second car, buy something 4wd or awd like an suv or pickup truck.

    When you live in an all weather zone, it's just not sensible to own 2 mustangs and no suv or truck.
    Especially when you just get a new job that you probably have to be there regardless of weather.

    Also realize when you own 2 mustangs, one suffers. That's just how it is.
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  16. I couldn't agree more! This is why I opted for the two mustangs to one pick up truck ratio ;)
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  17. In the north you are one of two guys, the kind that owns a pick up, or the kind that has to borrow one.
    Owning one is better. I don't use mine much, but when weather is bad, i love being able to jump in it with no cares. Also keeps me from risking the saleen in the snow.
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  18. I owned 2 mustangs at the same time....never again.

    There is such a thing as Mustang overload.

    My Advice...keep your car, invest the extra money into 401K, IRA, Money Market Funds, etc. Boring yes...but someone had to say it
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  19. This would actually be my third car. I have a2012 sonata 2.0t. I get the owning two stangs thing isn't such a good idea. Wich is why I was thinking about picking up a cheap jeep or something for the snow. I would prob ditch the 94 for it. Because as much as I want to work on the 94 I don't really have a lot of time. And I want a newer stang anyway. Idk what I'm going to do. I've faires well owning a rear wheel drive car in the winters. I have since I started driving ages ago. Infact the sonota is the first car I've owned that waswasn't rear wheel drive.
    I love jeeps too and that's something I can put a little money into to and be happy with it. Besides if I have a newer much nicer stang the 94s gonna be neglected. Also I'm gonna be honest I don't really like it that much. Its slow and a pos. It would need more money dumped into it to make me happy with it then I really want to spend. I know I know I changed my mind again. Lol.
  20. And I already have a 401k plan with my union job so that's already covered. Its gonna be awhile before I decide to get the new stang. I'm coming to a turning point in my life that I have to make a big decision coming up that could change everything. I'mthinking about leaving my girl. I'm not happy with our relationship anymore. Infact I'm miserable. I just ccan't seem to do it lol. I'm worried about her. We have been together for 7 years so she's a big part of my life . Problem is I feel like she doesn't put in an effort to make things easier for me. She relys on me working 65+ hours a week while she works 12 hrs at her:poo: part time job. And she's not going to do anything about it. So that's kindof ruining how I feel about her. Shes a great peraon but lazy as balls. And one can only take so much of that. I bust my ass and I've allways put her before me. That really nice sonota I bought. Yeah I barely drive it because its "hers" when I have payed every cent of the ****ing thing. Its really frustrating. Bottom line is I'm not happy at all but I kindof got used to my life with her that its going to be really hard to make this big of a change. Even though I know I would be much happier with out her. I would have a ton more money. And in todays world money is happiness. As sad as that is. Sorry guys idk what this has to do with cars but I need to get it off my chest. Cuz ya know she took all my friends frpm me.