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  1. Obviously fixing/modding mustangs(or any vehicle) isn't for everybody. Have to say that the way you've bounced around I believe you'd probably be more happy with a newer mustang. You can still enjoy the hobby while driving the vehicle. You can always throw some bolt ons and tweak it to your personal tastes/style. Before I got back into mustangs I had an 00 CAMARO SS that I drove for awhile. I actually really enjoyed the car and kind of miss it but I've always loved fox bodies. They were my first "hotrod" and I've owned a few. I've had a few 60's-70's muscle cars and newer "fun" cars but I always return to fox body stangs. To each there own. Good luck with whichever way you go
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  2. Thanks man. I agree 100% I would love to work on the 94 but your right the best bet for me Is the newer stang. I also had a camaro a 2002 6cyl. Lol but it was still fun and I also kind of miss the car.
  3. Hey, everyone needs to let things out from time to time and I get that. Life is not always full of rainbows and butterflies, but you make do with things the best you can. I don't give relationship advice, I'll just stick to mustangs for now using my failed marriage as the example on why I shouldn't be a relationship counselor. I will respectfully dissagree with one of your statements. "in todays world money is happiness" If there is one thing that I have learned in the past few years it is that your statement can't be farther from the truth. I'm a divorced single father to a beautiful 3 1/2 year old girl. Sure I could spend every last penny I make on my cars or my daughter but where does that leave me? Broke and with a lot of stuff all of which means nothing. I would rather just be broke and cherish every last second that I get to spend with my daughter. I am so much happier sitting in the park throwing bread crumbs into the pond with her and living in that one moment than anything else in the world. There isn't a car or a car part or anything that money could buy that can replace that one moment. Just to here her say "I love you daddy" makes me feel like the richest man in the world and money has nothing to do with it. ( I just needed to get that off my chest as well ) :)
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  4. Man I couldn't have said that better but some people don't get that (OP not saying that about you,just saying)
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  5. I'd go for a Terminator if it was up to me. Are you getting an auto? The manual Coyotes have a Chinese transmission that is a pass on item for me. Anyone have any idea if they are going to fix this with the 2015s?

  6. Payments suck. By the time they're paid off they're worn out.
  7. China makes the world go 'round. C'mon Kurt, you know that.
  8. Money doesn't buy happiness- that's jusf what people who have it say. Just kiddin kinda.
    It is true money doesn't buy happiness but you've never seen anyone frowning on a wave runner.
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  9. Life goes on after the wave runner is parked at the dock. That doesn't help me sleep at night and neither does snuggling up next to my check book. What helps me sleep at night is remembering the smile on my daughters face when I push her higher and higher on the swings at the park. Sure the wave runner has value and would be nice to have but MY happiness isn't measured in dollars and cents. Its strange to think about how happy I truly was when I was struggling to pay my bills and keep the lights on, when I had to wait to go to the grocery store until my next check. So long as I have my daughter by my side I would take that struggle back any day to truly feel that happy knowing that I'm strong enough to handle whatever this world has to bring my way! I stand very firm in my belief that a man is not measured by his money!
  10. Preach brother!!
    90lxwhite all I can say is I've been down the "broke road" the majority of my life. I even went bankrupt(tmi). I've owned a few houses, a lot of cars(nice ones&pos)etc etc but I've found that my children,family,and friends(very few of these) are what make it worthwhile. My father has money. He also had a genetic heart defect that has lead to many issues including a transplant. We've considered ourselfs incredibly "rich" to have gotten this extra time together. I even had a heart attack at 36(yeah I've got issues too). I make a descent living more than some less than others but I'd trade all the crap in the world for a long healthy life bouncing grand children off my knee with a happy healthy family. $$ may make life easier in many ways but it does not buy happiness. Sorry for the rant. I could say a lot more but I've probably said to much
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  11. I wasnt really serious about the whole $ making you happy. I believe happiness is an acceptance thing. What I mean is being able to say well this is my lot in life and I accept it. Being happy w what you have I guess is what in trying to say but that's hard for some. I believe you hit the nail on the head when you said $ doesn't make you happy it just makes things easier. If one has enough of it he or she can purchase distractions, ie: cars, toys, or fund whatever hobby they're into and take a break from the day to day grind. But if one doesn't have any extra it's hard to take time to stop and grin every now and due to the fact that they gotta get back to the salt mines to make ends meet. I too have a kiddo, a 2.5 yr d daughter who is the light of my life and who keeps me going back to the salt mines day in and day out so we can eat and hopefully have enough to buy a steak every now and again figuratively speaking.
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  12. Well, IMO, start banking that extra cash and don't buy anything until your relationship is settled.
  13. Money doesn't bring you happiness, but you are definitely miserable when you are broke.

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  14. Yeah I get all your guys points. In mt life I've been broke my whole life my family wasn't wealthy either. And its not from lack of work. We all have busted our asses day in and day out. I lost my mother a couple years ago and from that I can say I lost my fatjer aswell cuz he hasn't been the same since. I have no kids yet. So there really isn't anything in my life to make me happy except something I can buy. I know life is what you make it but I've been trying to make myself happy I just can't do it lol. Only thing making me happy is thinking about what to do next to my stang. Wich is why I change my mind a lot. I'm constantly thinking about it. Dont get me wrong I love my girl to death but I'm still not happy. So I guess money does make me happy. I know you guys prob think I'm some punk kid just dreaming about this and that. But that's what makes me happy half the :poo: we've talked about on here about doing this and that to my stang will prob never happen. This is why I want a newer mustang something I don't have to dump all this time and money modding and tearing the thing apart just to make it "fun". I want something I don't have to touch and I can think about modding but don't really have too.
    Kurt yeah I want a stick chinese or not I still want a stick 11+ gt. Wether that's what I end up with or not I have no idea. My mind will prob change before I get it hahaha. And I would love a terminator but it doesn't seem like that would be a good daily because there supercharged. From what you guys have told me supercharged vehicles are not for daily use.
    Anyway if I'm not making any sense its because I typed this up on my phone really faat on my break sorty lol
  15. One more thing I enjoy the fact that I prob annoy the :poo: outa u guys with my posts but I damn sure do get a lot of replies so far every post has pages and pages of replies lol I like that. Thanks guys keeps me busy. I apologize for annoying you guys I just have a busy brain I guess.
  16. Busy Brain or just ADHD, whatever, lol! It's all good!
  17. This guy changes his mind more than the weather!!! Good grief guy!
  18. Well this is my plan......for now. Lol. Since its gonna ve a little bit before I pull the trigger. In going to fix the 94 up a little bit. Get it running good bidy work and paint. This is all things I can myself and fairly cheap. Ill buy a cobra front bumper or a saleen if I can find one cheap get a nice hood soke kind of cowl inducket hood maybe a ran air hood and ill rig something up so It actually works. Do a little bit of suspension work I have some pretty bad squeeks and such going on in the front end and I need new shocks all the way around I bought new brakes vut I sent them back vecause they werwnt what I wanted so get that taken care of. Andfind a good wheel and tire package. Also new x pipe. And possibly headers. And ill drive the 94 untill I have the perfect car I've wanted ready to buy. Then I will decide what to with the 94. Sell it or keep it.
    I took the car to work today I haven't driven it in awhile and I do like this car. After all the work is done I might like it even more so I might keep it and drop in a new engine down the road. This car would be awesome with mpre power and fresh paint and bodywork. And fr500 wheels. Undecided on color yet. I know you guys don't like it but I really love the Grabber blue with black graphics and black fr500s.
  19. 3.........2....................1....................

    :lol: changes mind again
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  20. Start with ditching those tailights