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  1. werd! Can you post some pics of your Stang Ry94?
  2. Yeah I hate them came eith car I painted the black and ti ted them they look a lot better now. Good enough for now.
  3. Most recent. I have tinded the tailights also not in pic

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  4. You have a good base, just start with that:shrug:. Somebody please donate this man some tail lights:jester:
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  5. Ry looks like a nice starting point. I'd throw some rims on it and fix the little things and enjoy it before getting all power hungry. Then you can make the determination if you want to get extensive with the project or sell it and get your 11'+
  6. Yeah rims are soon I want 18 fr500's. I'm looking for a decent wheel and tire package. Needs a new xpipe and front end work before I will be happy with it. A good tune up aswell
  7. And when you get the finances....buy an 07 or 08 Shelby GT 500 with under 10k miles for $35k and 600 hp...less coin than a new GT and will tear up most anything you'll encounter on the street....with no mods. My 05 GT with about 350 hp & 4.10's has never walked away from a Shelby.....understandably, so yes, I'm impressed with them and the relatively low price of a used one.
  8. I wouldn't want to spend anything over 25k. And that would have to be a pretty amazing car to spend that. I geel in a year or so the price will be a bit cheaper for a 11+ and I can prob find what I'm looking for in my budget. Ill prob wait ubtill the 15 model is released and see what happends too the 11+.I'm not gonna settle on a car this time like I did with the camaro . I'm getting ecerything I want lol.

    Anyway back to tg e real world. I need new shocks and tires. What are your guys suggestions? I want a wide rear tire. But not crazy to were I would have to modify. So what's the widest tire size I would run in the rear on my 18 in fr500's without any problems? And what's a good shock for dd and a lowered 94?
  9. I like the strange adj shocks but tokico(sp?) are good. I just took off the eibach kit from my car. I liked them also for a lowered/handling suspension. A little on the stiff side though. I'm not sure on the maximum width tire for a 94. I'm sure a 275/40-18 will fit and maybe a 295 series. I'd talk to late model restoration or American muscle for a package deal
  10. Also should I go 17 or 18×9 and 18×10 in the rear? Are 18's too big on a 94? I'm not sure about chrome or black with a polished lip. And I want to go deep dish. Or maybe deep dish on the rear only.
  11. Yeah latemodel has an 18 in package for about 1400 bucks for silver or black 1600 for chrome. I like the deep dish look too.
  12. I bought my wheels from American Muscle ( aka Stack Racing). I have pics posted, but
    ... I really like wheels from OE.
  13. I personally like chrome or silver over black but it's your car.
  14. Chrome and NJ don't seem to mix, all the salt in the winter and the brine they spray will be hell on those chrome wheels!!
  15. Yeah I know. Ill prob go dark grey or silver. I might want to paint them in a metallic charcoal grey or something when I paint the car.
    I'm starting to think I want to add a turbo in the long run. I really like the way a turbo mustang sounds. So I would want a forged 306 with a teickflow topend and a on3 cheap70mm turbo setup. I know the install is hell but it would be fun. I would hope that setup would make atleast 400 to the wheels?
  16. That setup would easily make 400 rwhp, the question is can you stay focused long enough to get there, lmao....

    Just breaking your stones of coarse!
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  17. I hope I can lol. I went and looked everything up so I have a ball park figure to get everything done. So I atleast have a number in mind now and a basic order I'm going to do everything. Engine and turbo would be the last thing. First is suspension and brakes and wheels and tires. Then ill start buying pieces for the engine build. When I have everything ill figure out what short or long block I'm gonna go with.
    Quick question what would an after market k member do for a 94? Any benefits?
  18. weight being the biggest saving and ease of getting in there to work on the car. You will see many opinions for k members on this forum as the recommendations are all over the board. I personally would choose the UPR K member over the rest of them, QA1 would be my second choice.
  19. Agreed, my original saleen wheels off my explorer are destroyed. It's only a matter of time before chrome here corrodes and your tires leak at the bead.

    Also, leave the k member be as is. NJ roads are tough on front ends, besides the dollar per gain on a k member setup is pretty poor.
  20. Keep the stock wheels for winter and the chrome for the rest of the year(or better yet don't drive the stang in winter. Lol)