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  1. Yeah if I had to drive in the winter that's what I would do.. quick question if I went turbo would the stock ecu be fine?
  2. Yes but you'll need a tune to maximize driveability and performance
  3. Oh and I went w nitto 555's. It's prob the best set of tires I've ever ran. Now I haven't had all that many high end tires but these are pretty nice. They have grip for days and have a pretty smooth n quiet ride to boot. Stay away from sumitomo htrz II's that are offered w alot of packages. The reviews are terrible I hear they handle like plastic. A tire dealer told me they Sre for people who want the looks of a uni-tread tire but are t concerned w performance. The htz III's are ok I hear but they're aren't much cheaper than nitto. Shocks- I have kyb non adjustsble on the 95 nice ride tight cornering for a street car. If ya aren't going to auto x or stuff like that they're pretty good. On the 90 I have Koni strt on the rear and I'm not sure what kind of worn out crap is on the front. It's a work in progress.. (Well been back burner to the 95 for a bit but maybe bout to get back on er) I'd like to go w the koni's up front as well but they're a bit on the pricey side for that lil project maybe I'll stick w kyb. Springs- on the 90 are eibach sportline and I hate em. The stance is ok, pretty low though but man the ride, harsh harsh. I'm gonna ditch em for the ford racing progressives like whats on the 95. Wonder what used eibachs would sell for??
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  4. I've got the eibach springs,struts and shocks off my car. Struts and shocks have less than 2k miles on them. Springs have about 7k miles on them. I was thinking about asking 300$ for all of it. The struts&shocks were almost 500$ delivered to my house. Idk if that's too much or not. Haven't listed them yet.
  5. Not a fan of the sportlines at all. Way too low and a buckboard ride. Pro kit not that much better IMO. For replacement" springs on a daily driver for the stock fox body springs, I'd look at either Bullitt or Mach 1 springs. They lower the car anywhere from 3/4 to 1 inch to maintain a proper geometry, without the need for CC plates and also give a firmer but very nice ride. If you want more of a drop I would then go with either Steeda or HR springs. Once you start going 2" or more on a drop is when you run into all kinds of issues.

    Of course, if you want the best setup and have some extra $$$, MM front coilovers is the way to go.

    For drag racing, I would simply cut a coil off the stock rear springs and put some used 4 cyl springs in the front and call it a day.
  6. They are stiff. I've only had stock or eibachs. I've never done the others. As for drag racing...mike it's not the early 90s(lol). We've all done that and it is probably the cheapest but there are better setups for example TeamZ has just released rear stock location lowering drag springs that sound like they are the cats ass. I'm ordering some this winter with their prototype fronts(that haven't been released yet)
  7. Yeah man the sportlines ride like a chuckwagon. They were on the car when I got it. I'm tellin ya man the ford racing b springs w progressive rates gives a decent ride (on the sn95 anyway, can't speak for fox) and its not that drastic of a drop. It's not all that noticeable at a glance but you can tell when you're climbing out that its a tad lower than before. I wanna put the b's on the fox and sell the sportlines
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  8. Not talking about early 90s my friend. Since you brought up, Dave @ team z, give him a call and ask him . He will tell you the the best rear spring for drag on a fox is a cut, worn stock spring. In fact, here's a video of him three years ago saying just that.

  9. [/quote]
    That was 3 years ago mike. Have called him and he's got his own improved springs now. I was just joking about the 90s comment.
  10. Zach Morris used to cut coils on his fox
  11. That was 3 years ago mike. Have called him and he's got his own improved springs now. I was just joking about the 90s comment.[/quote]

    Now that Dave has his own "improved" springs, hs recommending them over the free/cheap cut stock springs he's recommended and installed on cars that have worked for 20 years. So I assume everyone that has successfully run with that proven and cheap setup well into the 10's needs to buy his springs. Shocking I tell you.

    Guess I should call my barber and ask if I need a haircut.:rolleyes:
  12. Actually I've been on the corral and everybody using the new springs are cutting better 60 ft times but whatever. The old cut springs work. I didn't want to imply they don't. It seems there are better ways to skin that cat is all I wanted to say
  13. No worries. I bet they probably do help. Was just laughing how Dave was so adamant about not "wasting your money" on unecessary springs....... but now.....you should buy his,,,,,see the irony? I guess if I needed to squeeze out that extra 2/10 I'd swap them out as well.

    I've been on the Corral for 15 years now- remember when it was a BBS. It seems to have taken a turn for the worse since Chris sold out. Many of the old timers are gone and don't post much.
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  14. I'm going to stir the pot here…

    If you can afford it, go with a Coyote! I had a nice fox, but it was just turning into a 20 year-old money pit. It wasn't fun working on it anymore and things are always going to need repaired on a old car. I've had my new car for four months now and it's been relaxing not having to tinker with it. My car is a toy and already put up for winter with 450 miles on the odometer.
  15. :gtfo: Jk Reef nice car! Now go back to the s197 forum!! Lol