Looking for notchback pics

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  1. hey i tried searching but couldnt find a thread of only notchback fox pics. Yea i know there is a nicest fox pics thread but its taking forever to find notch pics. So if there isnt a notchback only thread lets start one. Im really considering purchasing one. thanks :)
  2. not really a Camaro fan but your's is nice I kinda like that (for a Camaro)...My friend has a 86 IROC it's the bright Camaro Blue colour. My Dad painted it for him a while back and he never drives it...He says he won't drive it till he builds an engine that will smoke my car ( I took him for a ride in my 88 GT) I told him to build a nice one cause mine ain't syaying stock much longer lol.
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  4. I bet there would be more Camaro fan's than you think in here....some people don't care what kind of car it is as long as it can be made fast or just in nice shape...the 5.0 mustang was just a better bang for buck
  5. notch + body kit = killing a baby kitten
  6. Here's mine, its not the greatest, and its only a 4banger
    Former glory

    Waiting on the paint

  7. :lol: he's gonna wack it
  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! BBK SSI with a supercharger. NICE!
    Anyone have his number, I would like to hear what he thinks about that intake!

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  10. ok here we go
    For some reason I just love this last pic


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  11. Saw this one in person, sexy!! I like that dech kit but then i don't. I think maybe the clear tails are throwing it off :puke:

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  12. more pics!! i guess there isnt a notchback only thread...let this be the one
  13. Heres mine, nothing fancy......

  14. 156787680.jpg

    heres mine

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  15. I have some pics of mine, but how do u put them in the post instead of using a link??
  16. Lets see if this works....


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  17. nice....needs tails...