Looking for notchback pics

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  1. thats weird??????? this is the first time i posted pics of my car and they didnt show up? All it's doing is giving links to the pics? peace

  2. :scratch: You sure 'bout tat???

    Yours doesn't count anyway, it's in Kilometers :p
  3. What's a kilometer?
  4. A kilometer is a measure of length. It's almost as long as my scrotum.
  5. LOL, my Canadian GT also has a 6-digit odometer :canada:
  6. So what! I got a 9 digit Social Security Number :flag: :p
  7. I got a 10 digit phone number, 11 if you call long distance.
  8. I got a 20 digit body, 21 if you count long distance.
  9. mine's 23, it's so long it goes out of the country
  10. Are those Rebels in the first picture? If so, do you have anymore pics?
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  12. umm yeah i for sure saw a 92 LX hatch today with a 6 digit odometer. omg this thing was hilarous though, it was like biege color 4 cylinder with red interior, all windows smashed in, and a impound notice on the window lol

    maybe in the 90's they put in 6 digit odometers...its like that on Camaros too

    and also, where can i see that video!?
  13. dude ive seen vid of that notch.f'n sick.what does it run in the 1/4?you have any more vid of it also?

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  14. I have seen this car in person at a show and it is badass looking the way it sits and looks with those tires on it. Wish i could get my 88 to look like that from the back.:hail2:
  15. that color is HOT!!!!

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  16. THANKS! :) ..I've just installed tails and i cut the rear springs for a one inch drop. I'll post more pics soon..
  17. this thred sucks!!!! i want all those cars. theres too much hottness!!!
    sorry for lashing out
  18. i hate all of you. i miss my coupe. :(
  19. Nice cars everybody, I HAVE A CT!!! Although it is opposite of what My beliefs are, oh well I am in the cool club now.
  20. Wish I had a CT lol. Guess I'll have to say something funny sometime.