Looking for notchback pics

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  1. Yeah, except you have to be cool. haha j/k
  2. so yea...explain the CT thing to me
  3. <---------If your cool, or say something funny or noticeable you get a custom title. Like I got in a heated debate with daggar about whether or not cookies should be dunked or not, Which I believe they should be so I got this sweet CT
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  6. alright well im gonna go hang myself so...yeah:D
  7. anyone have more notchback pics
  8. the date is totally wrong, but please dont flame the carb'd engine in the 89.

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  9. Picture011.jpg



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  10. Well here's a couple of my 92 coupe as well! I got some new bling wheeels for it lastnight so i'll post them also :




    And the 93 SSP in drag trim:



    And in street trim:



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  11. me too!!
  12. Oh not true...I'm so far from cool that I'm actually frozen solid...and as for funny...I don't like funny..I don't due funny..I'm far to intense.
  13. heres mine.... it really needs paint. Anyone wanna give me a good idea for paint. I want something pretty rare. I was thinking midnight mettalic blue. anyways here you go.

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  14. I just traded my welds for theese wheels yesturday. What do you guys think of my car now.

  15. i think the yellow looks pretty cool, do you have any more pics of it?

  16. View attachment 457222

    it looks okay from a few steps back but as you can see in this you can see the white showing through:/ I plan on selling it at the end of summer I think. I wanna look for a cleaner one with a lightly modded 351. HINT HINT if anyone has one let me know ;)

  17. not seeing anything. Just a red x.
  18. It has been 9.5 in the 1/4 but we dont go to 1/4 mile tracks often since they are far away. He has been a bit faster in the 1/8 mile now, car should run some 9.2's or so at 144-145. It has been [email protected] in the 1/8 in HORRID ass weather.
  19. hey niklid05 do you have any more pics of the front? i would like to see how the front looks with yellow...i really like it so far, except the car is hella dirty in your pics :rlaugh: