Looking for notchback pics

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  1. Mine.




    New ones to come this summer with my yellow coupe.
  2. hah everytime i see this pic, for a split second i think its my buddy's coupe and my car, until i realize mine's not that nice. :(

    lookin good!
  3. Still learning how to post images. Check out my sig pic for right now.
  4. Can somebody tell me how to post pics?

    I tried to search for directions how to post pics and couldn't find anything.

    Can anybody walk me through the process?
  5. Here's mine!

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  6. this looks exactly like mine, when I bought it.. wish mine still had those sweet rims though.
  7. Upload the pics to photobucket.com and use the "IMG" tags to post the pics. I've never used cardomain to post pics so I don't know why your links aren't working.
  8. I would sell my soul for some of these Notch :drool: :drool:
  9. Saw your car at the WFC last year. Beautiful! Here's mine on the next post but your car is in a whole different class.
    What award did you win that day?
  10. Very nice, I like the stripe. We took 2nd. Are you going to WSC 1? Look what I did under the hood...


    Always wanted to do the bay two toned so over the winter I got brave and smoothed and painted.