looking for PICS of Homemade Cold Air Inductions kit

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ZarnAutomotive, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. tring to make one , any suggestion would help
  2. [​IMG]

    Let me know what questions you have.

  3. how did you get the pro-m bolted in .( i have a pro-m to.) and is that a 4 inch PVC Pipe? and how long is it? LOOKS GREAT GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!
  4. Not a Pro-M, just the stock 70mm MAF. An 80mm Pro-M is coming soon though. Yeah, it's 4" PVC. It was about 9.5".

  5. how did u get you MAF housing bolted iin
  6. I bought an MAF adapter off ebay. It bolted to the MAF and then I clamped a 3.5" UPR filter to the end.

  7. Same setup as GTJAKE, with stock mass air..

  8. should I use 3 inch... seems like that would be better for velocity.
  9. I used the 3" pipe as well. Here's mine.
  10. those home made CAI look awesome- i'm going to try and make one today- i already have about 2 ft of 3" PCV and now i need the rubber boots to connect the TB and the MAF

    anyone know what they are called? ... or where to get them?

    i know my local osh doesn't have them....

    BTW OinkAodeOink your engine bay is sweet-looking
  11. heres mine...
  12. christ Oink... I could sleep in your engine bay
  13. I tested both at the track one night and the times were not different enough to cause concern. If it's worth anything I ran my best time in my sig with the 4".

  14. Fernco rubber boots. I got mine at Home Depot.

  15. frenco at home depot- gotcha

    thanks for the help :nice:

    i'll try to get it on tonight and take pics? :shrug:
  16. yah , pics are always good :D
  17. how did yall mount the air intake temperature sensor?

    what size hole what tools? etc etc?
  18. I drilled it out just enough to screw it in and make my own threads. Coat it lightly in RTV so it seals. I deleted the oil breather line and used a breather filter.

  19. what size hole? sis you use a certain size bit? or just spin it around to widen the hole?
  20. I twisted on some rubber hose, maybe 3/4" diameter, over the threads on the sensor. I then drilled a hole 'just' big enough to insert the sensor. Start small so that you can use a round file to open it up to the right size. Ideally, you want the sensor to fit pretty snug. I also used high-temp gasket sealer around the hole.

    Here's a pic.