looking for PICS of Homemade Cold Air Inductions kit

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  1. Yeah, my selection of bits is pretty limited. So I used a file and drill bit combo to get a perfect fit.

  2. Almost forgot, make sure you index the sensor when it's inserted in the tube. The idea is to let the orange sensor get clean air and not get obstruted air by the plastic 'U' which surrounds the sensor. Does that make sense?
  3. Here's what youll need....

    PCV 2'...2 Ferncos..paint...5/8 Speed-bit for the IAT sensor...

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  4. I used a 5/8 Speed-Bit to drill the IAT hole...It will thread right in perfect....i didn't see a need to RTV it in place...just threaded in in til the sensor was as Hoffnit mentioned....

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  5. Hey Andy can you post some pics of that mud flap you used to block off the CAI? I think that really cleans things up. I'm thinking about doing that sometime.


  6. werd... the U should be turned so the air flows through the ring :nice:
  7. I can't access that. It's under the Gold Member screen.

  8. OINK has a magical orb that cleans his engine bay at night. Cant you see it? Magic I tell ya!
  9. Awesome. How did you attach the mudflap to the fender?


  10. they sell sheats of brushed aluminum at craft stores... they will work out nicely
  11. i was building mine today and had a question- i'm almost done all i need is the right rubber boot ( fernco ) that fits over the 4" PVC and the stock Throttle Body

    anyone know what size to get for that???

    i tried using the 4" X 3" one and the 3" side was too big...

    I just got the 4" x 2" and it looks like it's going to be too small.... am i going to have to get the one that is 3" all the way across, the straight one?? or... am am i just

    oh- and where do i get the Filter to MAF adapter??
  12. Just tighten the 3" end over the TB so that it fits tight. It seems like it's going to be too big but just keep tightening and it works perfect. I got my MAF adapter off ebay, but I don't see one on there now. www.uprproducts.com has one too.

  13. LOL- i guess i'm going to have to back to Home Depot to get the 3"er back :D

    LOL I guess i could have tried tightening it a bit

    thanks for the Help GTJake

    I just got done painting mine, it's going to be silver like Oinks (above...somewhere...)

    i'll take a look at the adapter- thanks again
  14. Its held in place with one screw, you can see it in the last pic on that link....there is a slot up next to the headlight that it slides behind, it holds that corner in place...

    make a cardboard template...then when you have the fit as you like, transfer it to whatever you use....its a funky one to cut and fit around all the stuff...but the end product looks much better....
  15. im a little late but here is mine....havnt had a chance to put a painted piece in there yet but you get the idea.....


    these pics were too big for stangnet

    and my patented homemade ram air system.....
    here is my setup and my buddy brett giving it his "seal of approval"
    brett looking on in disbelief
  16. what did you guys use to cut the fender to make the filter fit in there? did you paint over the cut part so its not raw metal showing?
  17. i was gonna use a dremel but my dad was upstairs sleeping so i didnt want to make a ton of noise in the garage, so i used tin-snips....the cut was kinda jagged(sp?) but it worked fine...i actually cut more off then i needed...currently its just covered in electical tape to cover the bare metal but once i get some time(winter break from school) im gonna get in there sand it all nice and use some touch up paint....and then make a "cover" like RIO to make it look real OEM