looking for PICS of Homemade Cold Air Inductions kit

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  1. nice, thanks, id like to do that eventually :nice:
  2. or you can get that door edge protector and just slip that over the sheet metal
  3. wait... did you guys cut/hack part of your fenders off??

    if that was the case no wonder why i was having problems getting mine to fit, for the pipe to go straight across i would ahve needed to hack the fender a little or... maybe i'm still missing something.....
  4. Throw a blanket over the motor/fenders and use an airgun with a cut-off wheel..it make a mess for sure, but will eat a hole in no time...watch out for wires behind the fender...if you have an a/market MAF you need a mondo hole to stuff the filter in all the way...

    check the pic...i have a big MAF, so i opened it a good 3-4" on the width...you need a good size hole for the straightest shot...

    i was gonna use the edge protector, but mine looked like ass with such a big hole...it needed something to cover it...i did look at some Alum...but the mudflap is 1/8" thick and cuts/ trims slick....Armorall it up and she's good to go...

    EDIT...i was running 8" AFM Powerstack filter (pic) ...that had to go...had to use the PRO-M as it was 6"...needed all the depth i could get..
    I paid 57.00 for the AFM filter.... :mad: Now its sitting on a shelf.... :bang:

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  5. I have an 88, speed density, can I make a similar setup for my car??

    oink...your engine bay is f'in sweeeet!
  6. what is this and where can I get one ?? "breather filter"
  7. See the thing that replaced my oil cap?

    You can get them at www.uprproducts.com

  8. what did you do with the breather line ?

  9. will i be able to use the K&N FIPK which i have for the 94-95 mustangs,,im gonna run the pipe into the fender well just like this guy here did,,,and im just wondering if there is enough room for the filter that comes withe the K&N kit