looking for pics of painted interior panels

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  1. i am considering painting the inserts of my door panels, instrument panel surround, and center section of dash yellow to match the exterior. has anyone done something like this and can you post pics for me
  2. As a general rule... I don't use paint on the interior. The pieces that I've refurbished have always been done with prep and dye.

    Too much potential for paint to get scratched IMO.
  3. So, what do you recommend? Any tips or advice?
  4. I recommend you buy enough rattle cans of VHT dye to do the ENTIRE interior. It can be difficult to match the dye color exactly later on if you run out. For every can of dye you buy, buy TWO cans of Vinyl prep. The 20+ year old pieces that I dyed that came out the best were the ones that I used prep on and pretty much stripped all the factory color off of.

    The first coat, I dyed very lightly. It goes on like paint so do it so that you can see through it. Then coat again again with the same light coats allowing to dry (not a good word), CURE for 6 to 8 hours between coats. This way, if you do get a scratch or whatever, you'll only reveal the subsequent coat that you sprayed underneath.



    Remove parts from car
    Clean with mild detergent and water. Allow to dry.
    Use the vinyl prep. Coat once and let it soak for no more than 15 mintues (longer can begin to warp the pieces).
    Coat again and wipe off. By now, the majority of the OEM color should be gone. Let it dry completely.
    Begin your 3 (or more till you're happy with it) coats of Dye.

    I had one spot in particular that I got greedy with the dye coats and sure enough... the color showed through in a scratch. So light coats and allowing the dye to penetrate works best.
  5. DONT color match any interior pieces lol unless its black of course

  6. Good call... THEIR Porno-Red doesn't look anything like 20 year old Ford Porno-Red etc. Even the black pieces don't match very well.
  7. Thanks for the help. I always liked the black interior of my '94, maybe I'll change my '03 to all black this summer...