Looking For Pictures With No Center Console

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  1. i broke my center console when replacing the carpet and got me thinking about having no center console. just wondering if anybody has pictures so i can see what it looks like?
  2. "http://forums.corral.net/forums/general-mustang-tech/1320204-foxbody-console-delete.html

    scroll down a bit to 89camminGT's post. Perfect. Smooth. Flawless. It looks like it's factory done it's so smooth. Post number 11'

    That was my post I just made in this thread http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/interior-help.847283/#post-8652293 of a guy looking to move his radio and remove his center console.
    Both links have a decent amount of pictures of foxs w/o center consoles, you can tell which my favorite is. :p
  3. Here's a couple shots of mine, though it's not complete. I picked up an E-brake handle cover from an earlier Fox (still gotta install it) and I'm still workin on ideas for modifying the dash piece to reinstall the radio and provide room for more gauges. Probably gonna pick up a little bit of carpet and some rubber edging. Even unfinished, I like it WAY more...

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  4. You could always relocate the headunit up, and then put gauges in the vents to keep the smooth no center console look, along with nothing hanging below from the a/c controls.
  5. Couldn't live without my little consol/cassette holder/armrest. I had an armrest delete in the car when I bought it and I hated it on long trips. It’s so nice to just rest your elbow on when you drive. I do wish the center console wasn't so rickety and noisy, but by 3,000RPM, my exhaust usually drowns out any interior noises anyway.

    And hey....no center console means no cup holder. Gotta have something to hold your drink in place when you're wedging it between the E-Brake handle and the side bolster of the passenger seat. :D
  6. I thought about putting gauges in the vents but out here in AZ we need all the A/C flow we can get...not messin with that. It's survival!!!
  7. I hear ya but this is just a toy and only gets driven on short trips, beaten on and/or taken to the track. It's also a weight thing...you remember how ungodly heavy that arm rest base was when you put it back in? I think it's carved from moon rocks/lead. That and the fact that most vehicles I've owned have been pickup trucks with bench seats, I'm used to the old right arm restin on the thigh, or right hand on the wheel, left arm on the door "cool guy" thing...
  8. All business. :nice:

  9. I wasnt a fan of the console either. Feels a lot more muscular without it. Here is my '95 GT without it. Im posting this to give you ideas about the shifter and e-brake boots.




    I bought a leather e-brake boot, and then cut a hole big enough in a rear floor mat to lay it over the boot and e-brake lever. Easy fix to cover, especially because the e-brake is off center in the SN-95, so a flat bezel wouldnt sit around it to hold the boot down. Hope this helps open your mind, friend.
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  10. I was driving a while back in my 95 without a console when I was cleaning out beneath it and left the console at a friends house. It really gives an aggressive drag car feel along with a slicker look. But only if you go boot on the e-brake, and connect the boot down to floor like Bluestallion posted.
    I'm inbetween doing that to my 92 or just going the center console storage piece delete.
  11. ....

    Looks great....what did you do with the metal under the dash near the shifter?
  12. Well man, its been a few years. Not sure exactly what metal you are asking about. There was a Mach amp under the dash that I discarded. I welded two pieces of round bar under the dash (connecting the dash frame to the floor) to keep the dash solid. I trimmed the dash itself from the cubby under the radio across the bottom on both sides to make it appear that the console was never there. I dont remember cutting any metal out around the shifter, so I am pretty sure the carpet is just laying over it. I thought I shared more pics in another thread somewhere, so you may come across more if you keep digging. Ive owned 3 Mustangs since that one, so its kinda ancient history for me now.
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  13. Thanks for getting back to me. I have a 94 cobra. I want to ditch the center console. Yours was the cleanest I have seen on line. The metal I'm talking about is the metal framing on either side of the dashboard down where the console and the shifter meet the dashboard. When you take the center console out there is framing where the console mounts to underneath where either the CD player is or that little cubby hole is. but thank you. I'll keep doing some homework. I didn't see the how old this post was. I apologize take care. God bless.
  14. All good man, Im still willing to help. Take a picture of the metal and post it to refresh my memory.
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  15. In the four-eyed (1979-86) Capris and Mustangs the console was optional in all or some models, depending on the year, so there were three pieces in console-less cars...

    parking brake cover
    shifter/boot cover
    drop down ashtray with lighter