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  1. Hello Everyone,

    My new build is FINALLY starting. I drop the Notch off on the 24. To get 10 Point cage and through the floor connectors and have my rear fully built.

    With that said. I have alot going on at work and home. I love doing the work myself. But if i wait for me to have time. Ill never race again.

    So I am reaching out to see if there is any experinced guys who want to make some extra $$$$. I could take it to a shop. But that would be a #### ton. So maybe there is a guy like me out there that has time and skill and the love for racing. That would help me out finishing odds and ends. I of course would pay you for your time. I will pay good money. Just not 75-100 an hour like many shops charge.

    Here is some things I would need help with.

    *Build my Short Block.*
    I have a 347 B50 shortblock I bought from a member here. I need my heads, intake and and turbo and misc things installed on motor to make it complete long block. Of course need someone with expernice and tools. I will bring you everthing.

    *Wire My Car*
    I am going to run a stand alone ECU Megasquirt. Since car is now a 4 banger and I am converting to COP. I want to run all new wires to motor. Also install my guages like boost and trans temp and other misc things.

    **Install Suspension**
    I have full suspension from my first build that needs to be installed. K-member, rear and front control arms, coilovers, caster camber plates. Manual rack all that fun stuff.

    **Install Motor and Trans***

    Once all thats done. Then the drivetrain needs to be installed. Motor,trans and rear.

    Of course there is small things between which if interested I can go over.

    Perfect world, I would like someone who can do all this. One stop shopping.

    If interested let me know.

    Like to keep it with in 2 hours of Philly PA.

    My name is Wes by the way.

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  3. What the hel is a shady tree mechanic anyway?
  4. Wrench turners that fix shady trees of course.


    This one needs more powah!
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