Looking For Some Axle Backs For My 5.0

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  1. I have a 2014 Mustang GT and of course wanna get some axle backs. I'm torn between getting Roush or 40 series flowmaster. I've heard the roush and think they sound good, but can someone maybe let me know what they think of the 40 series if they have them? Perhaps post a sound byte or video...?
  2. I was told Flowmasters drone, so I bought Roush AB, and I love them!!!!!!! (I'm running an off-road x-pipe too)

    Might want to ride in a Flowmaster car to decide for sure though...
  3. Ive got a Roush axle back pulled off my neighbors 12 GT he just sold. It sounds badazz. They had 1500 miles on them and are like new. PM me for a deal
  4. I would go with the Roush axle backs for sure! I am running a UPR offroad x-pipe and Borla Axle-backs and it sounds awesome. If you are willing to spend the money, you should check out Borla.
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  5. I put the FlowMaster American Thunder Axle Back kit with the Super 44 mufflers and could not be happier...This is my 4th Mustang and nothing but "Flows for me!!
  6. I have the Flowmaster 40's...I'm happy with them. They do drone a little, but, oh well... I think the tone is perfect. I went with them because I've liked them on everything I've heard them on. And now I can say that for my '14 GT too.
  7. Absolutely ROUSH! Have them on my car and they are awesome. I get complements everywhere. Car is nice and quite at idle and roars at WOT. Perfect for a daily driver
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  8. still have the Roush axle backs from my neighbors car. $250
  9. For what it's worth I just put Borla S Type axle backs on my '06 GT (4.6L) and they sound excellent. No drone and have a great muscle car sound. My 2 cents
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  10. I ordered the Roush and am excited for them to show up. Though I now think they are made in China... Which is a disappointment. Already ordered so I'll stick with them. I shouldn't have assumed they were made in the USA. Knowing that Roush will not tell you where they are made leads me to believe the worst. If there is a next time I'll research more than just sound.
  11. Ok, got the Roush AB on. It sounds so good I don't even care if little kids made them out of baby seal eyes... I kid. They do sound amazing. I would have payed the extra $100 to have them made in the US though.
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  12. as long as you leave the rest of the exhaust stock, the Roush are decent, but they sound like garbage otherwise........
  13. Works for me. It's plenty loud and powerful enough for my tastes.
  14. I have the flowmaster outlaws and really like them, maybe a tiny bit of drone around 1.9K but nothing too crazy!! Sounds good with the xpipe I have as well....
  15. I got the Bassani axle backs really like the sound they give off.....they have a deep rumble to them and are loud on the high rpm:)
  16. do you still have your roush axe
    still have your roush axel back?
  17. Yep, pm me
  18. dumb question, how do i pm on this site.
  19. are youon web or mobile app?
  20. web