Looking For Some Axle Backs For My 5.0

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by mpeach1976, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. I sent you a pm. You should see a little red number in your upper right hand side of your screen right on top of where it says alerts. Hover over that then you can reply to my pm
  3. Love my Roush, deep tone no drone, Wot is awesome especially thru a tunnel or under pass. Looked into different types but personally very satisfied with the roush!
  4. All i can say is BORLA ATAK. I have them on my 2012 and its the sweetest mustang ive ever herd. Look it up on youtube.
  5. What makes you say that? I have the Roush axle backs now and am looking into headers, x-pipe, etc. I love the tone now, but why shy away from them if you are modding the rest of the exhaust?
  6. Love my Borla touring axle backs.
  7. I picked up the Flowmaster American Thunder Classic Axle Backs for my '12 GT. They're awesome! Perfect note!
  8. Same thing I tell everyone. Exhaust notes are subjective. Youtube videos don't encode sound well at all. If you're serious about getting the exhaust that you'll absolutely love, go to a car show. Talk to owners and ask them what they've done. Ask to hear the exhausts and go from there.