Wheels-Tires Looking For Some Cobras

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  1. Hey guys, first of all I'm new here. Now that's out of the way...I got some factory 17x9 03/04 SVT Cobra wheel on my '89 vert. Well to now surprise they rub in the front at around 3/4 of a full turn on 245/40 R17's. I used to have some 17x8 bullits on it when I first got it and there was no rubbing issues at all. So I'm a little curious if someone out there makes a 17x8 03/04 Cobra wheel. I've some some in that size for earlier new edge Cobras but I'm 100% if they would even make (visual and if they are brushed aluminum like the ones that I have).
  2. I think american muscle does or you could send out your front and get them cut and re welded thats ultimately what im gonna end up doing to my car
  3. Have you tried some rack limiters and/or rolling the fenders. Sounds cheaper than a new set or rims.
  4. Look into some Rack Limiters.
  5. Unfortunately American Muscle only sells them in polished, chrome and black...not the polished the aluminum finish like I got. Aren't ones from a lets say 2001 cobra the same as an 03/04? And do you know what it costs to get wheels cut and re welded? I uploaded a pic of my car and the ones I have. IMG_20130723_212156.jpg
  6. I've considered those but I haven't exactly looked into what's rubbing on what...which I should have done that before jumping on here. It only seems to run on the driver's side and after looking at it after I got the cobras on the driver side wheel sticks out like 1/2" more then the pass side...so that alone bugs me an awful lot and haven't the slightest clue what's causing that. But before I got the car, the previous owner at one time had 255/40 R17's on 17x8 bullits on the front and only rubbed on complete full turn.
  7. With that being said, you should find out what the problem is first. Jack the front end up and with the car supported on jack stands turn the wheel full circle in and out and spin the wheel until you see/hear the rub. Rack limiters are under $10 and take 1/2 hour to install. You can have someone roll your fenders for under $100 with the proper tool. Both are still cheaper than a new set of rims.
  8. That I will try and get done here in a day or so. I do on the other hand wanna avoid rolling fenders and rack limiters will be a if all fails type thing. But the money isn't an issue for me as far as getting new wheels especially if I'm only looking for two. Which is why I was curious if there was any difference visual wise in the older new edge cobras compared to me 03/04's.
  9. Get some caster/camber plates to fix the sticking out issue.
  10. The 99-01 Cobra wheels are different. Just do the rack limiters, thats all you need to fix the problem.
  11. I've always wanted to know what those did exactly..I've just never did any research on them.
  12. Ya that sounds like that's going to be my only option other then dealing with it lol.