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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by Power Surge, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Well, once again I am in the hunt for II parts.

    This is what I need:

    Door speaker grilles, 2 of them, black preferred but I will take any color

    BLACK full console lid

    Horn button for the sport steering wheel (with the stallion emblem in center)

    The plastic covers for the upper seat belt attachment points (they go under the mount, and then snap over the top of it to hide it)

    Ash tray with lid for the back of the full console

    Clear front marker lights, the ones in the grille

    Headlight chrome buckets

    Sliver antenna assembly with base (I have a blacked out King Cobra one, would be willing to trade)

    Front bumper insert, black with the dual white lines, I need the 78 style which was a continuous strip, not the 3 piece like the 76-77

    Battery duct for V6 car, battery hold down, and even an original battery if someone has one, working or not

    Original gas cap, the plastic painted one, not the chrome metal. Color doesn't matter

    A lower valance (don't we all need one??)

    The shield that goes on the lower radiator support, looks like a mini spoiler

    Naturally, I am only looking for parts in excellent or NOS condition. And if anyone happens to notice any of this stuff for sale somewhere, it would be appreciated if you could let me know. Thanks!!
  2. Sal,

    Let me look, I have a plastic gas cap that I just used for the "guts" I never touched the plastic part. It was NOS as I recall. I'll have to find it but when I do it's yours.

    Also watch eBay, I've seen numerous NOS antenna for sale lately.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.