Looking For Tails W Baffles For The 95

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  1. I'm wanting new tailpipes for the 95 w baffles. I'm not really digging the ones I have on there anymore, they are oval shaped and short. From the back they look ok but from the side they're pretty ugly. I believe if memory serves the muffler shop cut the originals a little and slid these on. I'm wanting to go back to a stock style or a hair bigger. The reason I'm thinking baffles is drone. When the 3.73s went on a couple years ago it put er in the drone zone on the hwy and its wearing me out. Is there a tail pipe setup that comes w baffles or do I buy seperate? What would be the cheaper route to go if both options are available? Or do y'all think it'd be best to purchase baffles somewhere and have a muffler shop fab up the tails? One more thing do I go w the full setup, w the pipe that wraps around axle or just get tips? I googled my ass of "shopping" but didnt really come up w anything. I found 2.5" setups on lmrs and American but no baffles of any kind and I emailed bassani but no reply. This was all yesterday. Could someone point me in the right direction
  2. Bassani use to offer tailpipes with removable baffles but I think you have to get the entire cat-back to get them.
  3. Yea bassani the only ones I know about. I took mine out my tail pipes for better tone. I would call bassani instead of emailing.

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  4. Back in the mid 90's Supertrap had a tuneable Mustang system, but I havn't seen much from them inyrs.

    The Supertrap mufflers are pretty much like tailpipes anywa, but they aren't that quiet either. I had to run them on my big block drag car when I couldn't pass tech due to their noise limit. They soun different - sort of like raspy glasspacks, and thenloud glasspacks as you add plates.
  5. Called em. Voicemail