Looking for the 4 lug 17" Saleen rims??

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  1. I've seen them before. They are Five spoke rims. With a tiny lip. The Spokes are flat. And it has the saleen logo in the center cap.

    Not the 5 lug 16x7 and 16x8's that I have seen also.

    But they are 4 lug x108. 17x? They do exsist. Someone has them that lives by me. But I don't know where he lives and am not going to wait by his car until he shows up.

    I am looking for them.

    Please let me know if you know what I am talking about.
  2. These rims...

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  3. This pic is of 5 lug. But the one I saw was 4 lug. If they are knock offs. Does anyone know who makes them? Or made them?
  4. All over EBay
  5. they're Saleen Stern rims. I dont think they came in 4 lug. All the ones I've ever seen are 5 lug and real hard to find. If you do a search in stangnet for Stern rims I'm sure you'll find some stuff. Your probably going to pay an arm and a leg for them though.
  6. saleeen 17x9 wheels

    TWO STANGS, You are going to love me! Performance wheel outlet in San Bernardino makes them they are called "300 speed star" 928.00 plus shipping for chrome 17x9
    the number is 1 888 432 0555. 24hrs/7days a week! :nice: I love these rims myself and will probably get some when my motor and paint are done! :flag:
  7. i dont see them at all in the last 2 posts? and the "300 speed star" rims look like regular 94+ saleen wheels...

    did anyone look at his picture?

    Id wait by the guys car then lol...
  8. holy ****...i just saw this has like 1500 views...and is old as dirt. i guess the original question is over by now haha

    nice one
  9. I had em'

    I ordered those for my first mustang in 1996 for my 1991 gt. I got them in 4 lug and directly from Saleen. Something like $1500 shipped with wheels and tires. I loved them, mainly because they were about the cheapest 17's I could find at the time. They were heavier than any wheel I have owned though.

  10. If you find them bring your check book, they are pricey!
  11. Hey any ideas where i can find center caps for these wheels. I just took my fox body out of storage and noticed its missing one Need to get one before the car goes on sale :(
  12. They are expensive. Did you ever end up getting any two stangs?
  13. If when you say "these" you mean the Saleen speedline rims, call mark at performanceautosport.com, if anyone will know where to find them, he will.
  14. Yes the 17" Saleen speedline wheels. I called Mark and the said no dice :(
    I sold my 03 Saleen and am now getting ready to sell the 91 fox body. I just would love to have that cap. Mark has the stickers but not the plastic caps.

    You know, i did find a post on www.soec.org and they said the fox body speedline wheels use the small Saleen cap. I might go by Saleen tomorrow and check it out.

    here is what i will be selling

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  15. performanceautosport

    if you havent found any yet got to performanceautosport.com they have them
  16. Tied them but when i asked they didn't have any for the 17" wheels. I ended up ordering one from Speedline in the UK. I just don't have a matching decal. I'll check with them and see if they have any. Thanks for your help!!