Looking for Throttle Body Spacer and CAI advice


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Feb 2, 2020
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Hey guys, please no troll. First I want to say, this is before I did a ton of research and went with my guts and got the parts. I had installed the AIRAID CAI and throttle body spacer and was worried about the compression on the intake boot so I remove the throttle body spacer.

Now before you guys slam me with it, I actually like the spacer and really liked the noise coming from it and noticed a difference in times. (I did take it so a safe spot to test it.) I already spent the money on it and would love to keep it on there but again, worried about the intake boot compressing too much. Do you guys think this is going to cause a problem? I know AIRAID states both parts will NOT fit but I got it to. Here are a couple of pictures with and without the spacer. View: https://imgur.com/gallery/55TU6d7

I wish I would have taken better pictures up close with the spacer on but I did not think about it at the time when I had it installed. It is off now so the only way for me to get a better picture is to install it again. Do you guys think the spacer will cause a problem by compressing that boot a bit or am I fine to just keep it on? I would hate to have already spent the money and not use it. Thanks guys.
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Nov 29, 1999
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Anything you "felt" from the spacer was placebo...they do nothing on fuel injected vehicles except lighten your wallet. Sorry. If you have it I suppose you might as well run it.

Not sure what affect it could have on that boot, could cause premature cracking due to the compression but it's hard to say.


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Jun 16, 2002
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AIRAID sells a bunch of different couplers of varying sizes. We are all going to tell you the same thing regarding the TB spacer but it is your car and money. So if you are keeping it and the bulging coupler is a concern, then maybe they sell a coupler that is shorter with the same insider diameter.
If you don't see what you needed call Airaid. It's their TB spacer and CAI so they should make something that works.