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  1. Well I got my car back last week ended up had a bad injector now when I was out cursing this weekend and od started slipping (might have started awhile back when the motor was running bad and did not realize it). I dropped the pan back in feb and changed the filter and the fluid that I lost reason for that was because I had a transmission shutter I put some shudder stop and it has been doing fine till now. Im going to ride to a transmission shop sat and let them take a look at it but I figure since its 17 years old with 85k on it and will probably need a rebuild and would like some suggestions for up grades they can do while they are in it. I would love to put in a 5 or 6 speed but cant since my wife cant drive one. Just looking for some suggestions on if it can be beefed up so I can ask the shop if they can do it. the car is pretty much stock and I just cruise but would like to do a few things in the next year or so it would be nice to take car of anything now while im at it.
  2. I just had the OD slipping back to 3rd gear problem on my automatic as well and I changed the Neutral Saftey Switch on the drivers side of the transmission and now it runs great. I'm betting this is your problem as well. It cost about 50 bucks at the part store. I had it installed by a friend with a shop. There are only 2 bolts holding it but They had to align & adjust it to make sure the trans shifts thru the gears properly. I'm extremely pleased with it at this point. Most def worth a shot.
  3. Oh later after I had my transmission rebuilt the neutral safety switch was messed up/loose in some way and caused the car to not start at all. eventually we got it started by fiddling and took it to the tranny shop that just adjusted it. They said if the problem persists I would have to get it replaced which isn't a big deal like you said.

    I was having far worse transmission problems I didn't mention. Plus I had them change the tranny fluid and it was good for a while but gave after a month of use showing it was bad.
  4. Thanks for the info. I drove the car today and it acted up some and was pinging when I would nail it. After I got were I was going it sat for about 15 min then I drove it for awhile and the car did great no pinging or slipping then later we took it to the in laws and it did it again so I was wondering if that meant anything since its not all the time and when it acts up it does the same two things.
  5. You got the trans rebuilt and didnt get a new N.S.S.?:bang:


    Check that Neutral Saftey Switch. Sounds like the exact same symptoms I had. Slipping out of OD back into 3rd gear. The sensor tells the PCM which gears to switch into. When it goes bad it slips out of OD. I put a new switch in and my car is running EXCELLENT now.
  6. It's long taken care of. They were responsible for it being loose I believe and gave it some play and it works now. Anyways for a grand on my rebuild i'm not going to flip about not getting the NSS replaced. Eventually I will when it finally goes. :D
  7. Thanks guys i will look into that also im not sure i would say its slipping to 3rd more like its kinda the motor has a miss i might be describing it wrong though.