Looking for X Pipes...

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  1. Who makes em for our car?
    List all the company's you can think of. I've been thinking about going to one of these.. I really like the sound.
  2. bassani, mac, dr gas, ummmm thats all i can think of right off hand but there are many more
  3. VRS

  4. Magnaflow. But they are expensive. $300 for O/R i think.

    The MAC x-pipe's don't look very good. They BARELY converge into an x. Take a look at the MAC's, and then look at some magnaflow's or dr gas. They are true x-pipes. I think bassani's are real x-pipes too.

    The ones from the link posted above look pretty close to the MAC's. The X junction looks shoddy. If you want the REAL sound of an x-pipe, you will need to go with Dr. Gas/Magnaflow/Bassani.

    Here is a picture of magnaflow's x-pipe with cats. Look at the x-junction, and compare it to the one on MAC's. You get what you pay for IMO!

    But if you only have $200 to spend, the trubendz/MAC is your only option if you want an x-pipe.
  5. UPR does too.
  6. X-Pipe

    Hitman - Go to Hoston Performance - They carry the Bassani regular and O/R X-pipes. They have them for 219.00. I originally had the Bassani cat'd stainless steel on mine, but wanted more performance.

    There loud, but the o/r really lets the car wind up smoother, and it's not as tight as it was with the cat'd version. The quality is excellent and you wont be sorry purchasing Bassani.

    Dewman :nice:
  7. I'd almost consider trading my Mac O/R X pipe for your Mac O/R H pipe as long as it were in good shape. Mine's only a couple of months old and in good shape. I'd kinda just like something a little different from what i already have....not sure

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  8. I didn't know Mac made an O/R X... It's not on their site is it? Where did you buy it.. My H is in pretty good shape.. the H part looks like it has surface rust on it but it's where my tranny spilled oil all over it and burnt on it.. There are no leaks..
    But either way let me know where you bought this Mac X and how much you paid. Thanks!
    And if you want to discuss the H more..
    [email protected] is where you can reach me.
  9. Thanks for the link to houston performance. They have really good prices. They almost beat ebay on magnaflow cat back.

    Get the basanni x-pipe. The junction is really good.

    BTW, basanni's only run 269 for the o/r x-pipe. Forget about mac!
  10. Second that on the Bassani O/R x pipe, its great, and great quality. Not for people with sensitive ears!
  11. I'm sure Bassani is great.. but for right now I'm just wanting to know where to buy each..
    So if anyone knows where I can look on here for a Mac X pipe let me know.. I've found all the others.
  12. Look on ebay. I am sure you can get all of the brands there.
  13. its on their site for 169

    but the trubenz link I posted sells them for 145... and install is better
  14. Id go Dr. Gas. More of an X than Bassani, but you have to weld it together, and it isnt stainless.
  15. Dr. Gas pipes fit like crap. They didnt bend the tubes correctly off the headers, so you have to either get them rebent, or totally custom made to get them to get around the transmission (clutch cable dust cover more specifically). Alot of people have had this problem... trust me, stay away from dr. gas
  16. First off Dr. Gas is stainless.
    Second, I would for sure go witha dr gas. Yes, I had to have mine re-bent but it was no big deal at. It is a true x and sounds very very nice.
  17. I got my Mac x pipe off of Ebay for like $165 shipped. There are still a lot of them on there. Just type in 'Mac X Pipe'

    Pipe looked quality and install was a breeze.

  18. I stand corrected :nice: . Thats good to hear though :nice: .

    Well mine is for long tube headers. But anyway, my mechanic welded mine up, and didn't have to bend it or anything like that :shrug: .

    FWIW, overall, my exhaust sounds really cool IMO. At idle, it does sound rough, kind of sputtering, unlike any mustang I've heard in person especially when its just started in the cold, but I like it a lot and wish it would do it when its warm too :D . It keeps the "roughness" until 2,500 rpm, where all it just smooths out. Above 4k rpm, it just screams, but keeps the smoothness, not raspy at. My mufflers are on the quiet side though (Dynomax Ultraflow Stainless) and I do have LTs.
  19. I have the Mac O/R X-pipe. To me its great, and it sounds awesome. For the price, ande quality you really cant beat it. The UPR X-pipe looks just like it.