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Are the GT-40 heads nice or are the crap?

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  1. Ok I just got my Cobra intake manifold. I have been saving my moeny for some heads. I have been looking on corral alittle for some but I just don't know what kind I want. I was thinking about some Trick Flows or some GT-40s. I didn't know if the GT-40 were that good compared to the Trick FLow or Edlebrock. I also didn't know the differance between the GT-40X and The GT-40P. I found a great deal on the GT-40P but I didnt know if they will fit my headers. I thought about getting some AFRs too but I really don't want to spend that much.
  2. If on a tight budget, the GT40P's are a decent performer, and if you look at Vib, green95droptop, etc they are making decent power and times with the GT40X's, but the regualr gt40 and aluminum GT40Y head are not worth the money IMHO. They are better than an E7 head, and can make decent power, but for the dollar, you're better off with a set of GT40P's or a used set of TW or edelbrock 6037's.
  3. will my MAC shorty headers fit the GT-40P. What are the defferances between the GT-40P and GT-40X. Becuase I thought I heard that the GT-40P have something to do with the exhuast and stock headers won't fit.
  4. You might have to get new headers with the P heads, depends on what you have now. Longtubes usually work, as well as any other header where the primaries come straight out for a few inches before turning down. It's spark plug clearance that is the issue.

    Personally, on a budget I would go with the P's. I've seen them completely assembled as low as a couple hundred bucks, and it's hard to beat that.

  5. Yeah I found some P's for cheap but I don't want to buy some new headers becuase if I go with longtube I will have to get a new X-pipe as well.
  6. Is your X-pipe catted? If it's O/R, you can definitely get it cut to fit the longtubes. Even if it's catted, you might be able to. I had my catted Magnaflow H-pipe cut when I installed my longtube headers. Cost me $40.

  7. I have no cats. So did they just cut it and weld it back on?
  8. They'll cut the front pipes and move the flanges back so that they match up with the collectors, then weld it back up.

  9. okay that doesnt sound bad. I would still ave to get some new longtubes but I could try to sell my old shortys. I still don;t know if I want to go with the GT-40Ps. I still want to try to find some trickflows. What do you guys think.
  10. The TFS heads will definitely be better than the P's, just depends on what you want :D. If you can swing it, the TFS would definitely be nicer. And aluminum, so you save a few pounds of weight where it counts.

  11. What about the TFS and the Edlebrock. Which one is better. I don't want to spend my money and be really disspointed. I will save a little more and step up to the TFS and the Edlebrock.
  12. I think the TW's will make more power and "grow" with you more than the e-brocks, but edelbrocks quality is second to none. The 6037's were the heads I was going to get until I found AFR. The new e-brocks are an even better head as they copied the AFR intake port and its paying off for them in terms of power production with the new design vs the old.
  13. I would think the edels will make more power on 302 cubic inchs. The big intake valves on the TW heads will not make the velocity like the smaller valved edel's. From what i have heard, the TW are better suited for a larger engine, 331+ or maybe a 302 with a kennebell.. Also the cam selection wont be as big with the TW's.

    I also heard that edelbrock copying the AFR design is a internet myth :shrug:
  14. about how much more horsepower am I looking at with the TF or the Edlebrock? and is AFR the best of the three?
  15. AFR is the best 302 head, i dont think anyone can argue against it.. Horsepower depends on more then the head...You want power under the curve more then peak #'s anyways.. Just look at killercanarys car.
  16. You should look at the head test in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords from a couple months ago, that will answer alot of questions for you. I forgot what issue had the Group 1 heads that they test. The AFR heads seemed to come out ahead in almost every category, they have some of the smallest ports but still have the best flow out of the group. They're also the most expensive though.
  17. When I finally started to mod my car, I never knew that the car had P heads on it from the previous owner, so I bought MAC shorties not knowing that they wouldn't fit. The drivers side fit perfectly fine. On the passenger side, cylinder 6 and 7 will not clear (I think it's 6 & 7). My Dad has a welder, so he just cut and welded them back up. So technically, no, they will not fit. If you have a welder, then yes, they will fit. You really don't have to hack them up either. It was a very small section that was cut, and really was not a big deal.


  18. I heard it from a VERY knowledgable source, not the internet. I don't want to name names, but it shouldn't be hard for you to figure out where I heard it.
  19. gee i wonder who that was.... :rlaugh:

  20. How do afr 165's compair to raised port designs?