Looking in to getting some heads

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Are the GT-40 heads nice or are the crap?

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  1. I think I am going to get the Trick Flows. I think they will be the best of the price and what I want to do. What type of TF should I get, I know there are different kinds.
  2. Does anyone have the z-304 heads yet? Or are they _really_ new still?
  3. That's Green94droptop, Paul. HAHA, just busting on ya.

    It's not all about the cylinder heads; I beleive cam selection plays just as big of a part in making power as does the heads. TFS claims you can use a pretty nicely sized cam with their 2.02" valves but they you always have to worry about piston to valve clearance. Let's face it, TW heads and an E cam won't produce the kind of power you should be making. You're are going to need a bigger cam with bigger valves. But then there's all sorts of driveability issues like bucking, etc., especially in a 5 speed car, ESPECIALLY in the SN cars. If I had to do it all over again, I'd probably go the Edelbrock route (60379's) or even the AFR165 route. It's not worth it now to gain just 10rwhp (under the curve); I couldn't justify spending another $600 and taking the car apart again. Only reason I went with the X heads is because of the price and the convenience factor. I knew who they had been owned by and I got 1.7 rockers, bolts, gaskets, and the heads for just under $1000. Only bad part is they are all hogged out (some might consider that good).

    Anyhow, do it right the first time. If you have to spend the money to get a good set of heads, just do it. And it's not all about the hp numbers, knowing how to drag race helps too.