Looking Into A Used Mustang Gt

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  1. Hello everyone I am new here. And need advice. For 4500 I could pick up a 2003 mustang gt with 160,000 miles. Salvage title. The car also has a mild performance cam. Long tubes headers, no cats. Borla stingers and a vortec supercharger. It was stolen and retrieved that's how it got its title, in the process the bumper, hood, headlights, seats and taillights were stolen. And now has a brand new taillights and headlights. Brand new seats, and I believe a carbon fiber cowl hood?. It also comes with svt wheels and is lowered 2 1/2 inches all around. Grey in color. I would give body and interior 10/10 very clean. How's fords reliability? Should I stay away from boosted cars with high miles? And how to maintain one these? This will be my first stick shift and first boosted car. Any pointers or advice would be appreciated. Thank you :)
  2. Any car will last if it was taken care of. My worry would be what happened to the car after is was stolen. It's not like they took good care of it when they ripped it off. The miles are a concern especially not knowing the history.
  3. What would be your intentions for the vehicle? Racer, daily driver, project car? Be cautious of all salvage titles.
  4. Not really sure. I was going to finance a 300c srt8 and turn it into my very own daily street monster, then I ran into this and I know the guy quite well and seems like an honest person. Idk if I get it, it is going to be my daily. I also have a 89 accord for back up. Especially knowing ford hired honda mechanics to help design the engine gives me a little hope that it will last me a while. not to mention my honda has 349,000 on original engine and tranny. So I'm hoping the mustang will at least get me to 250,000 befor I start rebuilding things and the supercharger. I am just hoping the car doesn't crap out on me the first year all I ask lol. So many questions I have for the owner and so many unknown answers. I hope I'm not digging my own hole in my wallet
  5. I bought my old 96 GT with 76.000 miles. It was female owned and she did all of the normal maintenance. I got it, bolt's on and cams and ran the hell out of it...but I took care of the normal maintenance. Aside from a broken shift fork in the original transmission it had 250K on it when my son took it into a tree. Engine still purred like a kitten. If you know the history and it was maintained it would be OK. It's those miles you don't know about that would sneak up on you.
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  6. Okay I'm feeling a lot better. The last owner treated it as a show car. It comes with 2 12,s in a custom cobra style box. And my uncle did his oil changes the past two years