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  1. I have always wanted a crotch rocket and I think I will finally purchase one. I have never rode on a sport bike before but I did have a dirt bike when I was younger (so i am familiar with changing gears, if that matters).
    Right now I really am just in love with the YAMAHA R1, but need opinions on whether you think this will be too much bike for a first-timer? If so what bikes would you recommend?
    thanks alot
  2. try and find a CBR 929 RR with low miles.That was my first bike and it was awesome.But since this would be your first crotch rocket I would suggest going with a GSXR 600 or 750. 750 is probably the best bike for the money.Get a yellow one!
  3. I'll sell you my '05 ZX6R if you're interested :D 2500 miles asking 7k.
  4. I'd say lean towards getting a 600 til you get used to riding. That way you won't be as intimidated by the bike at first and you can focus on the roads and traffic.
  5. I started riding in 2000 w/a 98 cbr600. You could check out the Yamaha R6.
  6. I really like the GSXR 600. You can find one thats a 02 for like 4-5k in good condition. Im thinkin of gettin one too. But def not anything bigger than a 600 for a beginner.
  7. You're gona hear a lot of "don't start with an R1" I am sure.

    I will say if you are on any bike it can throw you, it don't care who you are, a 250, 600 or 1000 can all toss you if ridden wrong or you make a mistake. So, if you can afford it, since you are in the Road Atlanta area, take the Kevin Swantz School there. They use Suzuki SV's and GSXR600's and can teach you a lot about riding as well as help you make the decision if you are worthy of an R1 or equivalent.

    You can also take a beginner Motorcycle Safety School "MSF" if you feel you need to. I'd say that school is great too but with your Dirt Bike experience you may by-pass that and take Kevin's School instead to find out about riding before you drop the bucks on a Bike.
  8. 954rr

    I personally have an 03 954rr and I love it. I would't go no smaller than a litre bike.You will not be happy when you go to the track and get smoked on a smaller bike. R1's are ok, but don't make no low end power. The new Honda 1000's are bad ass. Gsxr 1000's are fast also. Hyabusas are ****.
  9. bikes

    Yeah buy a new 600 for around 8000 to 8500 and in about 3 months you can't give it away. Look on ebay and compare how many new litre bikes are for sale compared to 600's and 750's.
  10. buy a litre bike and we will see you in heaven :) you will be intimidated by it and will not learn to ride it correctly. and oh yeh...you WILL lay it down. sport bikes are not dirt bikes. its good you have some experience, but its just totally different. a 600 will do 0-60 in way under 4 seconds...if thats not fast enough for you to start out on...then get a liter bike, but you will be raped by insurance more than likely. be careful whatever you do. i had my 600 for a year before i went to college, and always rode very carefully. Wound up laying it down on a mountain road due to some gravel at about 10 mph. this was almost a year and a half ago...i can take pictures of the scars i still have if you want. lol
  11. litre bike

    I never have riden a bike in my life until I bought my 954. Time I got on it from the dealer, 142 mph. My point is, you can get killed on a bicycle, and learning to ride a litre bike is no different than a smaller bike. Don' waste the money on a small bike. I know . My friend bought a 600 around the time I bought my bike and he regrets it. He can't give it away. All you need is someone to teach you how to ride it. I ran my bike in the 1/8, 60' 1.68, 6.56 at 111. Still working on the 60'. My friends 600 is in the 7's.
  12. learning to ride a litre bike is different. look at the weights on the two bikes...a litre bike is faster, heavier, harder to handle. If someone can honestly teach you how to drive it, you might be alright, but its just not the best idea.
  13. SV650 or the new Ninja 650 would be great for a beginner riding on public roads. Enough power to squirt out of the way without having to wind it up like an I-4 600. Also not as liable to buck you off as a liter bike.

    Liter bikes are a bad idea for a first bike. Not at first when you're intimidated by it and scared to whack the throttle open, but later on when you test it and find out its limits are waaaaay beyond yours. That said, I LOVED my Super Hawk. Not as quick as any of the superbikes by any means but loads of torque from 2000 RPM+ and sounds like a motorcycle should sound, but it was not my first bike either. Very fat torque curve and will surprise you with how fast you're going. Peak power was actually right along with the previous generation of 600s too but I got that at less than 10K RPMs.

    My first was a 1983 Interceptor 750. Quick as it needed to be and heavy but very forgiving when I screwed up. Also it was used w/ very little plastic in case I screwed up really bad.
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    Buy what you think you would be comfortable with. You will start off slow on either one I'm sure. This is why I say geat the biggest one you think you want. My friend that bought the 600 now wants a 1000 but can't get enough out of his bike to come out and the Honda dealership in Savannah GA, won't take it on trade. So I am very convinced that buying smaller than a litre bike is foolish and a waste of money. Oh yeah, buy the way, if you do get smaller than a litre bike, write me back in about 5-8 months and tell me who was right.
  15. insurance

    I finaced my bike with Capitol One Auto Finance. Does not require full coverage or I have never had full coverage. 250 a yearfor liability on my 2003 honda cbr 954rr.
  16. Well,at least he'll be able to write you back cuz he'll still be alive. I've ridden my friend's katana as a beginner bike a few times and trust me, anything more than possibly a 750 is just foolish as a first sport bike. Don't kill yourself
  17. I appreciate everyone's input. One last thing, any advice that yall would like to provide for when I do end up getting a bike, from experience or mistakes you've made on bikes, etc.?
  18. Definately take a safety course. That's the best/smartest thing you can do. I would go w/a 600 or smaller for your first bike. You want to ride something you feel comfortable with because you'll need to be focusing on your riding skills and traffic and many other distractions on the roadway. I've been run off the road twice by cars that almost hit me. A good friend of mine was hit by a car.
  19. Wear as much protection as possible and don't skimp on it . . . . i.e. Best Helmet, full Leathers, back protector, boots, gloves and use ear plugs.
  20. bikes

    I started off with a big bike and never have riden a bike in my life and I am still here. I have had my bike for over a year now and no crashes, and never dropped. I had a friend that bought a 954 around the same time as me and he tought me how to ride. Didn't take about a month and I was at the track. The biggest thing is learning how to ride the clutch. And by the way, a Katana is very slow and ugly as hell. Mid eight second bike in the eigth.