looking into getting a sport bike

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  1. my .02

    If you have never riden street bikes is it quite a bit different than a dirt bike. you sit differnt, the powerband is different, etc.

    I bought a cheap used 600 (94FZR 600) in 98. I rode it for a year or so got board with the power. low 11sec bike but nothing brutal. then I bought a 98 gsxr-750. mid 10 sec bike but it was just a completely different animal. 14k redline, would just rip the front wheel off the ground in the roll on power band. the R1 is even a tad faster so it is quite a bit of bike.

    you will have to decide if you think you are mature enough to handle that bike right out of the gate or not. I always recomend buying a cheap one first. If you are going to do some thing jackass like drop it or lay it down it will most likely be in the first few months. you lose less money damaging a $3000 bike than a $6000+ bike.

    if you buy a 600 you will outgrow it most likely if you like speed but not everbody can hadle a low 10 to high 9 second bike without hurting themselves. I think I am the only avid bike rider I know (knock on wood) that has not jacked himself up at one time or another.

    If you like rpm's check out the gsx-r750's. they rev and are pretty sick speed wise. I like my 750 better than my cbr-900 just the way the power band hit. the r1's are nice though. I really like the new gsx-r1000's power wise but like the look of the r1 a bit better.
  2. I have more experience than you think. I have seen it all, the accidents, the morons, the other cars, the new riders etc. Dont come on here and tell a new rider that its fine to start on a liter bike. If thats your opinion, then fine. But its really not the right way to learn how to ride a bike...if you dont mind starting on a liter bike, fine. but dont get anyone else hurt

  3. I understand what you are saying. The guy asked for individual input and I provided just that. I never have been on a bike until I bought my bike. I started off slow with it until I got use to it. I am sure that it would have been the same if I started off on a 600. A 600 will run 150. So I think that it's all in what you get use to.
  4. In my autobiography I will punctuate questions with a question mark. I may, however quote others as I did in that post where I was talking about others, not myself. An autobiography is about oneself. Somehow I'm reminded of a "Your mama..." joke from 5th grade. No. Maybe it was when we used to say, "I know you are, but what am I?"

  5. I bet you still live with your mother. Am I right? I worry about things other than someones punctuation. Kinda pathetic that you are bitchin about my punctuation. Get a job and a life.
  6. Ahh and the reason I come to Stangnet...to warm up on the :flame: . I won't be baited into the internet special olympics.

    Back on topic: Proper gear would include a full-face helmet that fits well (there have been several arguments as to preferred safety standards but one of the leading motorcycle publications found that DOT > SNELL in regards to protecting your brain), gloves, leather jacket w/ armor, leather pants (also with armor) and boots.

    Proper gloves are gauntlet style and will protect your wrists, knuckles and palms. They will be pre-curved and will feel at home on the bars.

    Good riding boots will feel awkward when you try to walk in them. I keep a pair of oxfords at work for the days I commute on 2 wheels.

    In regards to road rash, if you wear jeans you may as well wear shorts. They're not going to protect your skin if you slide, though riding jeans (like the ones from Icon) may help some w/ the integral pads and tougher material.

    Leather is much better than textiles, but is much more expensive and here in FL I had to get a mesh jacket just so I wouldn't overheat in the Summer. I know that contradicts what I said about proper gear, but I wasn't rich enough nor did I have the stamina for this heat.
  7. I'm not gonna lie, I wear jeans...But I also wear Icon Knee/Shin Armor underneath and I'm looking to get some of those armored undershorts to protect my hips and rearend.

    Mesh has supposedly been tested to hold up in a crash...Besides, it's better than just the T-Shirt that I see many wearing in the heat.
  8. I used to have a Suzuki SV. Loved that bike. I work at the only level I trauma center in west Tennessee, and that's why I don't ride anymore. I see waaaaay too many riders turn into amputees during the summer. Basically scared me off of bikes. I get my kicks on 4 wheels now.:nice:
  9. Yeah I could see where what you see would alter some decisions that you make. I on the other hand believe that you can get killed doing anything. So I am going to do what I want to do.
  10. And that is your prerogative. Evidence that we still live in the best country in the world, eh? :flag:

    Before I bought mine I got a secondhand report from a guy who said his friend went down with one and slid with nary a scratch. That sold me but leather is still going to outprotect anything we fabricate. Billions of cows can't be wrong. :D
  11. a new bike!

    friend don't let anyone tell you what bike to buy. only you know what your mentality is and if your the type that likes to show off and do stunts you should get a 600.on the other hand if you are competitive and like to dragrace and can maintain self control get a liter bike! my first bike was an xr 80r when i was 14. i never had another bike until i was 27 and it was a brand new 2003 cbr 954rr.no other experience other than the 80! well i'm fortunate enough to still be here.it's not the size of the bike that kills you.i utilized self control(most of the time).1 week after buying that bike,i was at the dragstrip were i managed to run a [email protected] in the 1/8. i still have that bike with numerous mods and have since ran [email protected] in the 1/8 and a [email protected] in the 1/4.i'm by no means a pro but self control will get you a long way. i say get the R1 and you'll be glad you did!!!!!!!!!!! to all the guy's telling you to get a 600 because a 1000 is to much,well that's just BULL****!!!! i've ridden alot of bikes since buying my 954 and never will i own a 600! getting off a 600 and getting on a 1000 is like not having any experience!:bang: good luck and hope you enjoy that R1!!!!!:nice: oohh and please no comments because i don't give a **** what anyone thinks about what i've had to say,if you can't say something nice then :Zip2: :Zip2: :Zip2: say nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!