Looking to buy a 94-95 GT with 0-5 mods...how much should I pay

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  1. I am looking to buy a 94-95 GT with either 0 mods or with normal mods like K&N...exhaust...pullies...you know the real simple stuff. I do not mind a car with over 100,000. So what should I be looking to pay for something like this...I was thinking no more the 5500-6000...Am I close????
  2. sounds right. my car was stock with 92,000 at $6,000.
  3. Depends on region, and other factors. I ended up paying $9000 for mine with 90k miles, just a few mods (headers, pullies, shifter, wheels). But that's about typical of the area I live in.

  4. My area is dirt cheap (I live in Delaware). There is a 94 in the paper that is bone stock and "loaded" with 72k for $6700. I don't think it will last long.

  5. I got mine stock fully loaded hardtop for 6400 with 75k miles
  6. I am in Kansas...I am willing to travel to pick one up as long as it is the real deal. If you guys see anything good in your area let me know so I can check into it!!!

  7. That sounds about right. I picked mine up for bone stock with 78k miles for 6500. Thats in the Los Angeles area. :flag:
  8. hell dude, you jsut have to find the right deal. I sold my mustang with full exhaust, gears, and K&N for $5,650. The only thing wrong with it was it had 110k miles. Ran perfect. Now I'm back in the market looking for a new one too. It's too hard moving fro ma GT to a Grand Cherokee lol.
  9. I bought my bone stock 95 GT for $5600 3 months ago. It had 75,000 miles at the time.
  10. i bought mine loaded with 88000 miles for $4800
  11. yes, right
    I pay for mine in February 03 $5500 with 90k stock
  12. Watch message board classifieds.
    I picked up my 95 w/ just over 100K, very good condition, w/ H/C/I, gears, full exhaust, radiator, etc. for $5900 a couple months ago. I found it on the corral, and had to travel to Galveston to pick it up, but I'd say it was well worth it!

  13. I just bought a 94 gt from the second owner, it had 92000 mile on it, bbk headers bbk cold air kit, x pipe and flow masters. 2400 stall for $4000. I looked for about 6 months until I came across this one, it is twice as nice as some $10000 cars I looked at. Take your time the right car will come.
  14. Is this a good deal???

    1994 Mustang GT 5.0, 5spd, 80k, Yellow, Black interior, one owner

    they want $6,000 OBO
  15. Yellow :drool: Buy it :nice:.

  16. if you look hard enough you could get one for sub 5000. there is one with 89k for $4300 around me, but i am broke :bang:
  17. Agreed.

    If could've found a reasonably priced yellow GT, I woulda bought it.

    Seems people get rather attached to those yellow cars :D

    BTW, I remember seeing on one of the local boards (KC area) of a guy with a modded (mostly appearence and handling) 94 Cobra he's thinking about selling. If you're interested I could look up the link.

  18. redsvtcontour- could you get me in touch with this guy?

    Down- could you help me out with that link???

    Thanks guys, looking for the best deal!!!
  19. not a problem here is the car and just so you know, i have not seen it in person, so i dont know anything else about it
  20. bought mine for 8,000
    and it only had 56k miles on it.