Looking to buy a Cobra, need some advise, please.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by dewwy5.0, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I've been reading the posts for sometime in this forum. Sometime around the end of Febuary I will be purchasing a new Stang. I am steering towards a 95 GT, 5 speed vert, or a saleen if Im lucky. I will have some where in the neighborhood of 6000 to play with. I guess my question is what do I need to be looking at as far as mods go that i hope the car will already have. I would like to find one that already is modded pretty heavily. Im just not sure what combinations of mods perform well together. Also I will need to be able to identify some of the mods from sight, like heads and manifolds. Are there pit falls I should watch for with modded cars and what are some of the ones you guys might see from time to time that would be good for me to avoid? Any help in this department would be great.
    I have an 89 Gt so I am somewhat familier with the 5.0, but I know that the 94 95 5.0 are somewhat different. I've seen alot of 96-98 GT's but I think if I had to go that rout it would have be a Cobra. I don't get the single over head cam on the regular 4.6's. Seems kinda of a waste.
    I posted the first time on the SN95 side and they have me pretty sold on the 96-98 cobras. Any advise on what to watch for and look at mods already done on the car would be great. Also in my price range most of these cars are fairly high in milage. Should I be concerned?​
  2. Depending on ur location u should b able to pick up smthng nice for that amt. I usually buy in the opposite direction tho so its unmolested and u dont have to second guess any1s work. Even if it had no other mods, id bight the bullet and buy smthn supercharged!