looking to buy a mustang, hows this deal?

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by mezzoni, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. i found a 2002 black mustang gt convertible. standard.(pretty sure its premium, it has leather but no 6 way power seat? also says it has the mach 1 sound system but i thought the sound sucked) it has 125k miles. seems to be in pretty good shape, some blemishes here and there on the bumpers, a small door dinger in the passenger door. leather has no rips, rug looked pretty clean. some of the paint on the radio bezel was worn away tho, the center console door seemed to be loose, the leather boot around the e brake was ripped. overall id say exterior maybe a 7.5-8 and interior about a 7-7.5. tires were a little warn, also had different tires on the front comapred to rear. only mods done that i could tell were a intake. im assuming it has an exhaust because what mustang doesnt lol

    i live in CT so everything is ridiculously priced here for those of you who dont know. they want 6900 for the car. im going to test drive it tomorrow and check under it for rust and see if i can get a car fax and things like that. whats everyone think??

    also on a side note, im not looking for a perfect car persay, i have an 01 trans am ws6 but im sick of the thing only running half the time, so im parking it in a garage and am gonna tear the thing down and rebuild it. adios electrical gremlins! so my plan is whenever that car is done, hopefully this time next year, ill put the mustang up for sale. i just want something to entertain me in the mean time that i can have some fun with.

  2. John theres better cars out there for that price i promise
  3. Think so huh? Mustangs or different cars entirely? Everywhere I look privately (Craigslist, autotrader, etc) seem to be pretty high in price compared to what I'm getting this for, not that this is cheap, just a good deal compared to the rest. And it has my main criteria (v8, standard, under 7500, convertible, and it's black which Is a big plus in my eyes)
  4. Actually sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I paid almost that much for my 93 and it had 144k. Sounds like mine was in pretty much the same condition - clean but needed some TLC. I looked long and hard to find it. I wanted convertible, V8, stick, but I'm partial to the fox body. Also, I wanted a car that was just a dd for someone and hadn't been turned into a "hot rod" by some kid. Like I said, took me a while to find. Good luck with it. If your gonna restore it back to close to original (and I'm sure you're aware of this) it will cost about what you paid for it.
  5. Are you stuck on a particular body style? Cause i do gotta agree, you can find a way better car for "fun" in that kinda price range
  6. yeah price seems to be a bit steep for that mileage.