looking to buy an in dash dvd player

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  1. hey guys i am a new member here but have been checking out this site for a while. I have a 2003 gt. I tried searching but didn't see much info on this.

    Im looking to get an in dash dvd player/radio but am curious about what size screen I need. I don't want to get the one that flips out from in the dash, i want the one which is always showing and is a touch screen. I was thinking about getting a 7" but am not sure if it will fit right or be to big for the space. anyone currently have lcd screens in their stangs and have one that fits real nice? thanks for the info in advance!
  2. I have the AVIC-D3 in my car as do a few other members here. Double din decks fit just fine in the 01-04 cars. You have to get the right dash kit.

    Metra 95-5026

    Everything will sit flush and look great. Well it does on my car. You can run any double din 7" screen you want. Its all up to you. Check out crutchfield.com, for the specs and reviews and pics, then buy cheaper else where.

    Let us know what you want, so that we can help you decide. Sat Nav, or just DVD, bluetooth, Ipod compatiablity,
  3. thanks so much for the info. I am mainly looking for the dvd/radio, have a gps so dont need nav. i take long trips with my girlfriend back and forth from illinois to florida and am looking for a nice cosmetic upgrade that to my car that i can rationalize to her so that she can keep herself busy lol. i am not really an electronics person so i would want to get it installed professionally. anyone have any idea on what install would cost?

    im really trying to keep it under 300 for the peice itself but am willing to maybe to more if the quality is much better. i realize spending 200 on a no-name is probably gonna end up broken but again, i dont really want to spend TOO much on it. what do you currently have in your car or what do other people have and what experiences do you guys have?
  4. Yep, the D3 rocks! :rock: I have it too and really like the deck. Great sound, lots of extras like eq, sub controll, x-overs, DSP, DVD, Nav etc etc
    They can be had under $600 on eBay with the bluetooth box and iPod cable :nice:
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  5. A friend of mine just got some no name 7" one from eBay for $330 shipped. Its from a company called TE :shrug: It looks nice and sounds good. Its really a Panasonic unit with a different name. The only thing that sucked was it was set to Chinese and he had to call the seller to find out how to make it go back to english. Other then that its a nice deck. DO NOT buy a sub $300 DVD deck. It will suck and sound like crap :notnice:
  6. AVIC-D3 all the way.

    Only neg is it isn't a removable faceplate, so you may be a target for theft. Do they even make a $300 double din DVD deck? I seriously doubt it.

    Get one with NAV, looks much better than one suction cupped to your windshield
  7. i got mine for $340



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  8. ^ :lol: I am watching that right now :rlaugh:

    Simpson movie FTMFW!! :rock:
    BTW, what model is that?
  9. avh4000

    they normally run $400-$500 but you can find them on sale sometimes
  10. The Pioneer unit is nice. I considered the AVIC-D3 but didn't like the DVD-based navigation.

    I have a Kenwood DDX-512 in my '03. Touchscreen, DVD, USB...can buy an adapter for iPod, can buy a Bluetooth module (I have that), also can buy a nav module (or can opt for the DNX-5120 which is only $200 more and has the Garmin navigation already built in).

    There's also the DDX-712, which has a bigger touchscreen (no knob for volume), or the granddaddy of 'em all, the DNX-8120 which has everything built in. But will also cost you about $1500.

    The DDX-512 "only" cost me $600. Make sure to get the Metra adapter faceplate as mentioned in a previous post...and if you plan on connecting it to the stock speaker/amp setup, make sure to get the correct Metra wiring harness. There is an article here on Stangnet that outlines the whole procedure. If you don't get the harness, you'll have to rewire the car (which, if you're an audiophile, is probably a better way to go. I didn't but it still sounds decent to me. Just set the levels at a decent setting and you'll be fine).

    Sorry for the lousy picture:

  11. i HATED the stock speakers after the DVD install. they just sounded muddy!

    i rewired everything and put kenwood 6x8's everywhere.

    i finally found a use for my stock speakers though!



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  12. Dont have to rewire the car to bypass the amps. New speakers are a great idea for a new deck cause the stock amp/speaker package dosent mesh well.
    The wires to the 2 1/2" full range speakers run directly to the deck as the decks internal amp powers thoes in the stock system. The two amps only run the 6x8 "subs" from 300hz and down and play in mono. Try it, fade the system front or back and the 6x8s will still play at the same level.

    Anyway the stock wires are the right gauge for 100 watts rms and are already run :nice: Just wire up the harness adapter at the deck and take the leads off the little full range speakers and run them to the new 6x8 coaxials or components. Very easy :banana:
  13. If you don't mind spending the money, check out a pioneer Z1 or Z2. I don't have any pics but it looks great.
  14. nice recomendations, cant go wrong with the pioneers. AND i had a D3 in my mustang, which I just sold, I had to pull that baby out though. The NAVI on these units sucks ass. Im sure those that have tried standalone units like the Garmins will agree with me. The D3 is a badass unit though, the AVH4000 mentioned above is sweet to, I installed one in my friends 04 explorer. Its nice deck for the money, BUT I got irritated after finding out that you can not do custom backgrounds on it, like on the D3. Its very anoying to stare at the colored grid like backgroung for everything! Im not sure if pioneer has realeae a firmware update or this unit to fix that.
  15. the background does suck. i just use it for DVD's so i dont ever see it :D
  16. In Dash DVD for 2001 Ford Mustang GT

    Hey Guys

    Its great to see this forums is very active. I am looking to put a new in dash DVD and navigation system in my 01 mustang GT but wondering which kind will be best. I wanna keep it as cheap as possible. I was also thinking about buying subs so need help to find the right kind with the right in dash stereo system. I already have a radar detector and rear view camera set up to my car so cant used those ports anymore.


  17. avic f series

    avic f700bt
    avic f900bt
    avic f90bt

    look for those on ebay, the 90 is the newest and has a few added upgrades. the 700 and 900 are basically the same except the 900 comes with the dvd drive. however you can load movies onto an SD card or a USB and play them on the 700
  18. Ya know, two weeks ago I woulda said Pioneer. I have the D3 and its really nice but my Eclipse is WAY better. The processor is way faster and the unit boots in 3 seconds as opposed to 30-40 seconds. The touch screen is nicer as well as larger, the menu navigation is much nicer, better eq section, neater functions on the navigation too. The only things I like better about the Pioneer is its x-over, it can pause a CD... thats about it. The Eclipse has dual CD slots so you can play a CD while using the DVD map. If you wana watch a movie then the nav wont work unless you get a DVD changer. Anyway, the sound and everything is way better on the Eclipse.
    They have them on eBay for $499 brand spankin new! Its the AVIN5510 or AVIN52D. Same unit but the 52D dosent have a cage for it. The 5510 might not eaither :shrug:
  19. I just bought one for my car (last was stolen) and after doing all my research, i landed on the avic z2. Its nice because it was manufactured in 2007 so its not too old, fat 7" screen, and the nav system is supposed to be pretty nice. The other one i was looking at was the f900bt or the f90bt, but the problem is people are saying they are buggy and take minutes to load up from start. That and i dont really care for the interface. The z series also has a 30gb hdd in so you dont have to mess with map discs and such. Got it on ebay for less than 800 with the remaining 2 years of a best buy warranty. Just keep your eye open for the one you want, dont settle for the quickest one, especially if you are buying used.