Looking To Buy: Shelby Vs Cts-v

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  1. Ok so I have been out of the mustang scene since about 2004. At that time I bought my first house and ventures into other things. I still have a very nice 94 gt vert stroked/nitrous. But looking to pick up something new. My choices are a cts-v or shelby gt500 both would be used. Is there certain years of the shelby that were better then others? Ease of modding between the two cars? I currently daily driver a non v cts. I love the car and its amenities. What's everyone's thoughts?

    Thanks in advance from an original member of stangnet!
  2. The 2010 was the newer body style with a better interior. The 2011 GT500 was the first year for the aluminum block which drops a lot of weight off the nose. The 2013 is the new 5.8L engine with 662 hp, but you probably wont see any used ones around. I am assuming you are looking at the supercharged LSA CTS-V not the older LS6 and LS2 ones. The CTS will obviously be more luxurious inside and have a nicer ride. The GT500 will probably be less expensive for similar years and mileage and would have better performance. The CTS would be more practical as well, assuming you get the sedan and not the coupe. The best thing to do is just go test drive them and see which one you like better. As for modifications, the GT500 is extremely easy to get more power out of by increasing supercharger boost, or swapping the Eaton roots style to a bigger TVS, Whipple or Kenne Bell. You can probably do the same things to the CTS, I am just not as familiar with them.
  3. I've had the fortune of owning GM and Ford products in the past and much prefer the Ford way of doing things. As a past 2011 GT500 owner I can tell you that with the PP they are a tough ride for even short periods of time. It was hella fun, but a kidney buster for traveling. As far a modding and power? The 2011 GT500 I had struggled to put power to pavement when you pushed too hard on the right pedal. She didn't need any help in the power department! I'm hoping my new 5.0 is the "just right" car for me. Power and comfy to boot.
  4. I can highly endorse the 13 Gt500, if you can swing it budget-wise. I jumped from my 95 to the 13, and have no experience with 11-12 Shelby's, but from what I've read on other forums many 11-12 owners advocate those, with mods, and still cheaper than stock 13.

    As much as I love stangnet, there's not much action on here for Shelby's, and I know nothing about CTSV. Check out SVT Performance.
  5. Thanks for the help guys!

  6. Awaiting members like yourself to start posting up the tech etc. o_O
  7. Not going to do much. This thing is AMAZING straight out of the box. I guess I could start a thread...