Looking To Buy This 1966 Fastback Worth Price?

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  1. Hey guys so i been a big fox fan for the last 15 years, and now i would like to get into the classic cars. im checking out a 1966 fastback 289 automatic over by where i live. the guy is asking 10k the body looks okay. the driver side door is a little misaligned, and the truck needs to have the panel repair they are rusted out. what do you guys think a fair price on a car that's in running condition, is worth? any info would be great thanks
  2. pics would help, but the price seems about right for this time
  3. Lots of missing info. pics like the first replier stated. there is a lot of places rust can be found in this car, if the trunk is jacked, what about the lower quarters. the cowl, doors, floors to name a few places to inspect. disc brakes? is the motor stock? is the existing sheets metal on the car original?
    bring a mustang know-it-all when the negotiations start.
    good luck