looking to drop the mustang?

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  1. im looking to lower my 2013 v6 im not sure if i should do it with the lowering springs or get coils can you guys give me your opinions on what you think would be better?
  2. Your question seems confusing, you lower your care with a set of lowered coil springs
  3. no im asking which would be a better option because you can also lower your car with coilovers
  4. How low are you trying to go?

    Lowering springs can get you in the 2"-3" lower realm.

    Coil-over's are also more expensive than lowering springs.
  5. I'm not a fan of coil overs. Not required, you can only lower a car so much before you destroy the ride and handling.
  6. Coil-overs serve more purpose than trying to slam a car on the ground
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  7. If I had a V6 car and was a novice, and was lowering it for looks mostly and a bit of handling, I would just buy new coil springs. Coil overs offer more tun-ability and confusion than you need. If you were road racing, maybe.
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  8. Agreed
  9. Sparta and gearhead are spot-on. You're going to spend a lot more money for good coilovers, and buy suspension tenability that you probably have no use for, unless you're tracking the car. Go with a reputable manufacturer for a good set of lowering springs, and you'll be happy.
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  10. Yep, normal lowering springs, unless you're wanting to SLAM the car and then you'll need coilovers (or airbags).