Looking To Get My First Fox...

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  1. Hey, SN. Had this account created years ago, lost interest and now back in the market. Not sure if this is the correct spot for this but from what I've seen it's pretty close. In the link below is a car relatively local(a few hours) that I'm wanting to go check out this weekend and I may just take the cash for it... who knows. Everything done to it has been pretty tasteful and with some new parts I like in regards to top, reupholstered seats, etc. When I go to see it this weekend I'll be able to get a closer look at underneath and the floor for rust(the new top, carpet and seats make me wonder what the condition was before). If all is well and straight, with what's been done, I'm trying to get an idea for negotiation room.


    Thanks in advance here, much appreciated.
  2. That car looks CLEAN. If its as nice in person is worth every bit of the asking price.
  3. Yeah I'll have to wait and see. I've priced cars down south and what it'd cost to fly down and drive back. Looking at spending more than what some clean foxes go for here.
  4. Other than the porno red interior, that is one nice, clean car. Still has the original fender tags and looks unmolested. It's worth the price if it is as nice in person. Good luck
  5. Looks clean. Doesn't list the mileage though.

    If it looks good in person and the mileage is average, I'd go for it.
  6. looks well kept, i'd say its worth the asking price if thats the car your after
  7. I like it, interior and all! Good buy for 4k and being as clean as it is. If it has a lot of miles, it sure as hell doesn't look like it.
  8. It does look clean, but I'd have to change the seats to black to break up all that red, maybe black floor mats too. Anyways great place to start:nice:
  9. Sn95 seats.

    The "Saleen" headrests can be transferred. Those are just 84-86 GT headrests btw.
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  10. get rid of the halo headrests and keep it as clean as it is, even with the porno red interior. that is the v8 version of my first car and i would be all over it!
  11. I love the red interior regardless of what other say. 80's early 90's though that was the style and I love it seeing as i have a red interior. for 4k thats a good price if the engine and running gear is in good working order.
  12. In one picture the drivers front fender looks darker than the rest of the car. Wouldnt hurt to run a carfax just to know if it took a hit and may have had to be straightened at all. His asking price is low for how clean it is, so that is what makes me wonder. Even if it did have an accident history, if it drives nice then its still worth the money. Best fox I ever owned had a prior salvage title.