Looking To Install 05-09 Axleback On My 2013

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  1. F***in' proud new owner of a GHIG 2013 GT now, I have a friend who has had some Outlaw axlebacks laying around who wants to give me them since he no longer has use for them.. I called flowmaster, and they didn't seem too confident that I could be able to install them, but I take that with a grain of salt, they may just want to sell a new set of mufflers! I already have axlebacks installed, and it looks like the inlet piping to my mufflers is 2.5". I don't know how it couldn't work, and I was just curious if anyone had any experience/input with this. Couldn't I just have an exhaust shop hack it down to the muffler and weld it to the piping that is currently there?
  2. Might have to cut and weld but anything works .... I put 10 series on my 14 is all welded on so no longer in bolts but I love the sound
  3. Anything will fit of you are handy and have access to a welder
  4. Thanks guys, forgot to mention that these flowmasters are from an 06 GT, hence the question. haha. Exhaust shop visit tomorrow, fingers crossed
  5. The hangers will be different for sure, and some "modifying" will be needed.

    This thread will be Worthless without a Sound Clip.:pop:
  6. I would love to do an exhaust video for you, but this process has been a nightmare. The shop I took it to welded them up with 2.25" piping, the tips weren't straight, so I took it back.. Second time around, he cut the piping over the axle past the flange and used the correct piping, but it still looks bad.. he took so long I told him to leave the drivers side as is. As I drove off my passenger side rattles against that frame piece that sits above the axle because he mounted the piping too low. I jammed some wood in there for now to keep the rattle from vibrating something loose. I have an appointment at supposedly the best muffler shop in town wednesday morning.

    I have another question.. Now that I'm thinking about these pipe diameters, I know the mufflers themselves have 2.5" piping, and the OEM catback is 2.75". Am I creating any harmful backpressure using these mufflers on my 13? I didn't think about this before I welded them up. That may actually refer to the piping they come with, not the muffler internals themselves, because they look WIDE on the inside haha. And there is no flowmaster piping left on either muffler after all this butchering thats been going on. So I guess my worries are probably unfounded.

    Here's hoping I can get a good result on wednesday.
  7. Sucks to hear about the issues with the install. Unfortunately, this does happen with custom exhaust work. I would have thought the shop would have taken the car for a test dive to make sure there was no banging or other issues.

    The difference in the piping diameter is will not make a noticeable difference in the back pressure.

    IIRC, the OEM cat pipe goes from 2.5", to 2.25", then back to 2.5".

    Keep us updated.