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  1. Well, I currently own the car listed in my sig, a 2004 S281-SC coupe. I've been thinking about purchasing a '99 S351 for quite a while now, and decided I want to go through with it. I will be getting rid of my current Saleen to purchase the S351.

    So far, I've come across three for sale...a white speedster, black coupe, and red speedster. I would like a speedster, but I've found I shouldn't really be picky with this specific year S351.

    Here is what I know (off-hand, as I don't have my Saleen Book with me)...

    - All of them were R-Code packaged cars (big brakes and supercharged).
    - There were just under 50 built.
    - The last few (half dozen or so) were built on 2000 chassis.
    - New, these cars were going for $65,000-plus.
    - Currently, they seem to be going for about $45,000, give or take.

    Without selling my current car, I'm already pre-approved for up to $50,000 from as soon as I return to the states it looks like I'm going to get one, regardless. I just need help with what to look for in these cars. What are their weaknesses? Are they easy to tune (can you use an SCT Xcal2)? What were common upgrades/options from Saleen? Any info and help with these cars from those of you who own or owned one would be greatly appreciated.

    Not looking to go crazy with it...I would be happy with high 400 rwhp this possible? How reliable at that power level? This won't be a daily current car is 2 years old and barely has 3,000 that would be an indication. Looking for a nice show car that I can take to the race track and autocross on occasion.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. The best thing you can do is find the cleanest example you can and then take it to Mark at PAS and have Kevin tune it. You should be able to get 450-460 rwhp on 93 octane with a conservative tune.

    More importantly, you should go drive any OBDII car which will be any late 96 and up S351 so you know what you are buying. The only downside is you will never want to own another mod motor Saleen after driving a properly tuned S351.
    Cheers and good luck on your search.:D
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  6. is there a place to find a breakdown of the 99 production # by color? besides the book that i dont have
  7. No. There used to be a site ( I believ that broke down the yellow ones.
  8. I know for a fact there are three white 1999 S351's....... one speedster #43 (on Marks site pas for Sale), two coupes #02 and #11. Now what's the chance I would know that information:shrug: :p
  9. That white speedster of Mark's really has my attention right now of the four I've located.

    So far...
    - White speedster No. 43
    - Red speedster No. 40-something
    - Red coupe No. 23
    - Black coupe No. ??

    I've come across more than I anticipated considering the rarity of the 1999's. What are the odds of coming across two of the very few built on a '00 chassis, too?
  10. Don't forget Scott's is kinda for sale too! I'm sure he has a motor around for it:D
  11. Double Post...
  12. I thought he changed his mind? I saw his ad posted on SCOA's forum. His car would be a nice project...I wouldn't mind the work, especially at the price he is asking. :D But, it seems he keeps changing his mind about selling his vehicles as much as I do. :rlaugh:
  13. Yeah, I am keeping it right now. I also have a few motors I could use for the car.
  14. See Scott,
    I told you that you needed to part with the "ugly" white one first before you sell the 99.....Of course if your looking to buy a 2000 R not only will you have to keep the 95, you might want to start looking for a 93 R as well :D (go figure, another red one :p )
  15. anyone know how many rio red coupes? was it only rio red and laser red? im not a big fan of the laser
  16. I've been researching a lot on 1999 S351 color/body production breakdown (online information only). I know 45 total; 19 coupes and 26 convertibles. From the Yellow Mustang Registry there were 7 Chrome Yellow cars built; 2 coupes and 5 convertibles.

    Here is what I have so far...

    2. Coupe White
    3. Coupe Lazer Red
    4. Vert Rio Red
    11. Coupe White
    13. Vert Chrome Yellow
    18. Coupe Black
    19. Vert Black
    23. Coupe Rio Red
    24. Coupe Black
    30. Coupe Lazer Red
    39. Coupe Chrome Yellow
    43. Vert White
    46. Coupe Lazer Red
  17. I believe that my #47 Speedster, built on a 2000 chassis, is the only S351 in Performance Red (as that color was not available in 99). Does anyone know if any of the other 5 cars are this color? My car is for sale, 9 cars, two kids in college - something has to go. Jim [email protected]
  18. From my understanding, Rio Red and Performance Red are pretty much the same color...just like Torch Red on my 2004. Lazer Red looks to be very similar to today's Redfire Red. They may have changed the color slightly and called it a different name, but essentially the same color.

    So if yours is #47 and they made 45 total, and I know they skipped #6, what other number was skipped? Wasn't #43 first to be produced on a 2000 chassis? If so, that makes only 5 total that were built on a 2000 chassis, correct?

    I'm getting in way too deep... :nonono:
  19. Rio red and performance red are very different shades of red. I have had a Rio car next to my car and they are quite different. I think the missing cars are very eariy number cars (crash or emission testing, mules, race only?)and that is where the difference between the 50 numbers and 45 cars is. I would guess at the end, Saleen took what they could get as the production ran into late 99. Jim
  20. Yes Rob, you are getting in way to deep....Too much further and you will join an elite group that has Marcus, Scott, Dan and myself involved way beyond the deep end, through the drain and out to sea :p

    To answer the numbering question, the 2000 chasis question and more, get a copy of The Saleen Book if you don't already have one and that will answer which numbers were skipped and so on and so forth.........

    Damn it, now your gonna make me think about this for awhile. That is a good start to the list. I bet between everyone on this site, we can come up with the color for each one

    If memory servers me correctly, the last two produced were both silver: one coupe (#49) and one convertable (#50) The #1 car I believe was red. Ronnie's (from Chicane) 99 S351 rainbow speedster is #12. I know that Todd (gonen20) has a few printouts of the 99 S351's that have been on Ebay. That will add another few to the list.......I'll contiune to brainstorm to come up with more :nice: