looking to replace stock speakers in 2000 stang. suggestions?

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  1. I already have a kenwood head unit, a kenwood AMP and a rockford sub.

    any suggestions for replacing the front and rear speakers?

    also, what sizes are they?
  2. i believe that they are 6x9 all around, n e one else back me up on that?
    id suggest that if you have a bass controller or have your sub hooked up to a sub out or something separate from your speakers on your head unit then try to find some speakers that are not made to give good bass. my friend got some xplods fro his front(not same size as ours fox style) and they do not kick very hard but the sound is great over the whole volume range. unfortunatley he has his subs wired to his back speakers or something so from turning up the bass too much he recently blew out 1 rear speaker(pioneer but its still under warrenty)
  3. the factory speakers are 5x7/6x8's. Those sizes are one in the same, the only difference in them are the screw hole alignments.
  4. Go to crutchfield.com to get what will fit anywhere, but don't buy anything from that site as they are WAY over priced!
  5. If you guys want THE best 5x7 speakers, go with JL's XR570 CXi's or CSi's, cause their sound quality is amazing. I have a pair for my rear speakers and although they arent enclosed (which they soon will be) they produce a great high tone and great bass through the woofer. They are component sets that separate the highs to the tweeter and the mid-lows to the woofer. Though they cost about over 170 dollas they are well worth it.
  6. hey if you have ever heard of those boston accoustics speakers you should try them. i got my stang with them in it already and a kenwood motorized cd player in it too. they have good bass and will handle high volumes with no distortion and a good crisp trebble to them too. or those polk audios are very nice too. i owned them too and i would recomend these 2 brands to anyones
  7. The speakers in the mustangs are 6x8 ....go with rockford fosgate nice base...

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    What r u buying, I purchase many things from Crutchfield and find the price's very reasonable...depends what you consider expensive..
  9. Try www.ikesound.com for great prices.
  10. Every single item I look at there, I can find cheaper elsewhere. For example, I was just poking around looking for one of those plug-n-play type enclosed subs. I forgot which one, it had a sub and amp all included in one box. Crutchfield had it listed for $599. I went to three other websites and found the same exact unit for $399. And, of course I went on eBay and located five other retail outlet's auctions that were all $299 each at the "buy it now" option.

    I only use Crutchfield as a source for what fits and what doesn't on cars as they have the most extensive database and widest selection. That's it though, everything on their site can be had elsewhere at a substantially reduced price.

    Here's the proof:

    Sony XS-L1090P5 10" Subwoofer at Crutchfield - $199.99 at their $50 just reduced price.

    PriceGrabber reveals -

    Sounddomain - $169.95
    Etronics - $99.99
    Ebay - $85, $75, $74.

    Now, where would you buy this item from? At $125 savings, you could be getting some decent speakers, cap, or wires as well. It pays to shop around!