looking to sell my Mustang ii and buy an sn95. Anything to look for and look out for?


May 25, 2018
Honolulu Hawaii
Hey guys and gals, my name is Gonzo and I am from Hawaii. Oahu is finally getting a race track back (last one closed in 2006) and I am damn excited. I currently have a mustang ii that has been pretty popular on IG @77_cobra_ii and I would love to keep it and race that but parts are rare for mods and shipping is a nightmare to Hawaii so I have decided to change it up. I have owned a 1998 GT before and am looking into buying either an sn95 or s197 to build for the track. I want to hear some thoughts as to what I should look for in an sn95 to know if it is a good buy. things i should be aware of and things i should look for, etc. I appreciate any help and info you are able to share! Mahalo plenty.

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