Mach 1 Looking to supercharge

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03machstock, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. I am looking to get a supercharger on my 03 mach 1. I have been drawn to procharger, but i was just wondering about how much it would be for a kenne bell blower and injectors, and basically everything i need to get hooked up if i were installing myself? And also, how does the intercooler work on those if the blower is directly ontop of the intake? And how much power would a kenne bell make at 8 psi vs procharger at 8 psi? And the last thing would be is the Kenne bell as reliable as the procharger at 8 psi?
  2. I also just read somwhere that the stock tranny is only good to this true, bc that would be pushing it just with a few bolt ons....and does anyone know if i called ford if they would give me my money back for the remainder of the extended warranty if i told them i didnt want it anymore?
    Thanks again
  3. A roots style charger such as kenne usally uses a heat exchanger instead of an intercooler. Works pretty much the same way except smaller than an intercooler. So far I have yet to find a kenne bell complete kit for machs which means you'll have to by everything seperate and it will cost you more. Don't know about your reliabilty or power you'll have to find someone who can afford a charger. And what kind dyno did you make those numbers on ?
  4. Dyno jet dyno