Looky what I got!

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  1. Thanks to the miracle of tax refunds, I got the following items (sorry about the crappy pics):

    8000rpm mini-tach (my stock tach is broken, and this one looks nicer)

    TurboXS Type H blow-off valve

    TurboXS High-performance boost controller

    30psi boost gauge

    100psi fuel pressure gauge

    Gauge-cage with bypass vents

    I've still got a ton of money left over, and once I get the exhaust made, the engine is going in!!! I'm on the cusp of turbocharged bliss!
  2. Which honda is this stuff going on?
  3. My 1993 Honda Mustang.
  4. money left over? man sign me up!
  5. That BOV will probably cause you problems...

    You could have got the same thing (or better) by picking up a Gillis valve. I think the one you have is a "bleeded" not a ball and spring valve. You'd have to take it apart to check for sure.

  6. What kind of problems? And why is a "bleed" style worse than ball and spring?
  7. Well, ones that aren't dual piston aren't designed to run on mass air or vam systems...they hold open under idle conditions and create a 1" vacuum leak. Some of them will work if the spring is adjusted down tight enough.

    Bleeded makes for slow spooling (like the stock BCS), ball and spring is as fast as possible.
  8. They're advertised for mass air cars on their website though (gen 1 and 2 eclispes, supras, etc.). Are they incorrect, or is this a 2.3-only problem?
  9. Here are the links at the TurboXS website:

    http://www.turboxs.com./High Performance Boost Controller.htm


    I talked to a buddy with a turbo talon about the valve, and he said it'll cause it to run rich at idle and between shifts, which doesn't bother me too much, since i'm planning on getting an eec tuner in the future (of course i'll need to upgrade to an LA3). Hopefully that can fix it. I've also got an adjustible FPR, so i can play with that a bit to get it to where the best compromise is. At any rate, it's really loud and looks great!

    Thanks for the help, Stinger.
  10. Looks like the boost valve will work as it is ball and spring..unfortunately it's 100 bux more than the gillis.

    With the washers you "should" be able to adjust it to stay closed at idle...
  11. That Fuel gauge sux butt throw it in the trash and let me know which trash can you use ;)
  12. Jesus, that musta been one hell of a tax refund, I only got back $80.
  13. Aw damn, that sucks. I got back $1400. I got a big $4000 bonus for joining the AF, and some of that contributed.

    Oh, and I didn't pay as much as TurboXS advertised. $145 for the BOV, and $115 for the boost controller.
  14. I got my 3" exhaust for $80.
  15. Here's something else I just got:


    I'm hoping for a nice 15-20hp with this sleek looking mod.
  16. :nonono: That picture is a year and 1/2 old haha
  17. downpipe and everything? thats amazing, how? ( ponders if it has to do with an ilegal weapon)
  18. you should use the extra money to buy a good digital camera :stick:

  19. :lol: Yeah i'm using my $50 webcam.