Engine Loopy Cams...... For 94/95's

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  1. Hi
    Thinking about a custom cam over the winter, want the loopy cam idle sound...:D
    Always heard we had to be careful with big cams because of the 94/95 computer wasn't cam friendly.
    Not looking for hp as much as sound... (will of course take any laying around):)

    Would like some real life opinions from people that have custom cams and stock computers..!!
  2. I've got a comp XE274HR in my 331 and it's pretty "lopey".

    If you just want choppy idle, go with an off the shelf E303. They can be had cheap and will give you the idle you're looking for. No sense spending $400 on a custom cam when all you're trying to do is make noise.
  3. Hi
    Is this a 94/95 car, signature shows a '90, different computer, different problem???
  4. Yes, I realize you've got a '94/95 car....but you've also got mass air. You should be able to run a moderate cam without any issues. Besides....even if you develop some small drivability, or idle issues, you've saved yourself about $300 buying a used E303 over a custom grind. Now go spend that additional money on a custom tune. Just because the cam is custom, doesn't mean you'll get away Scott free. Especially if you're going to have it ground with some overlap to make it "chop".
  5. don't you dare get a e303, that's horrible advice. for the power level that you're at it will be washing HP down the drain. getting a custom cam is what you need to do at the level you're at now. Giving ed curtis a call and tell him what you have and what you are looking for will give you the lobe and the power you want. not to mention all the driveability i know you want going on the power tour.
  6. Don't you have a blower? Lopey cams and blowers don't get along.

  7. No more horrible than suggesting he get a custom cam just so he can hear a little burble in his exhaust.. :rlaugh:

    ...and E303's and blowers work great together BTW. Actually....blower cars are one of the few set ups that the E303 is actually desirable for. Not the greatest grind, no....but it's cheap and will get the job done for a lot less money that going custom. Love the "custom cam" nut huggers. It's like nothing off the shelf is good enough for MY car. lol
  8. Don't want even small driveability problems
  9. That's fine and it's the desired result anyone would want....but don't assume because a cam is "custom" ground, that you're not going to be left with issue. The '94-'95 computers are finicky. It's going to be a crap shoot....especially installing the kind of cam you'll need to get the desired "sound effect" you're looking for. My advice if you insist on swapping cams, is to have money set aside for a custom tune in order to correct any issues that may arise as a result.
  10. I know going into it that it will have to be tuned...
  11. Lopey cams is where driveability problems come from.

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  12. So I have heard :) Just wondering if anyone has been successful doing this with the stock 94/95 computer..
    Don't want to spend the money (couple grand..) on a stand alone computer system...:eek:
  13. so i'm still running the ole e303 and im loupey ;)
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  14. Thanks for the input
  15. Personally I like the B cam out of the alphabet cams.

    Less lift, but more duration. If you need more lift, which I doubt, you always upgrade to 1.7 rocker arms.

    If it were me, I'd go with a TFS1. If you plan to run boost, step up to the TFS2.
  16. Hi
    Thanks for the input but:

    I have 1.7 rocker arms already with a Steeda 19 cam. Don't want an alphabet cam.
    As my son put it in a 5.o magizine article: "I chose the Steeda No. 19 camshaft," Tom says, "because of the wide-pattern lobe separation (115 degrees), the emphasis that it puts on the exhaust side of the engine, and the specified '94-'95 application.
    Read More: http://www.mustang50magazine.com/te...5_mustang_cam_swap/viewall.html#ixzz2hul6Y1em
    The 94/95's have a different problem with there computer and cams.... really looking for 94/95 people that have custom cams with stock computers

  17. Guess I need to add this: Pops Fun Blown with 623rwhp
  18. Crane 2031 would be an improvement but they're hard to find.. Also known as the wolverine 1071..

    Personally, with your combo, the ONLY route that makes sense is calling up ED CURTIS and having him grind you a custom one.. The price is barely more than an OTS Comp and you will have the best cam possible
  19. I'm telling you that any cam that works with that much boost is not going to sound aggressive. In order to get a bad idle you are going to lose power.

  20. Just made 608rwhp/548rwtq to the tires with a TFS stage 2 in a 94 with a SCT chip on a stock computer. Idles and drives great...IMO has a great sound.

    If I had more fuel delivery I'd make another 40+HP as I'm out at 5800 and I'd like to pull it to 7200.

    Stock old afr185 with upgraded springs
    Spyder intake
    V2sq with 2.85 stock lower
    Custom air to air intercooled system

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