Loose Rockers

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by precision1605, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. I have a 88 GT 308N/A.with Motorsport 1.72 stud mount rockers.Every 3 runs they start tapping like crazy.4 times i adjusted them and 3 runs is all they last.Im thinking its got 2 be a bad lifter.Just ordered new lifters and pushrods.Anyone else have this problem or know the solution.Also i marked the rockers last time i adjusted them and everything is in the same spot but they tap like hell???
  2. need more info...

    solid? hydraulic? hardened pushrods? need the info!
  3. Sorry Hydraulic roller lifters and DSS hardened pushrods...
  4. I got the same problem, with my 1.7's... tapping is pretty low.... but still noticeable and annoying.... but I don't know how to adjust them period! lol.... sucks being pretty new at this!
  5. this is what you should do.

    on TDC compresion for each cylinder - finger tighten the rocker arms til there is no play up and down on the pushrod. crank them 1/2 turn and lock them down.
  6. Exactly how it was done 4 times now. Problem is somewhere else...Any other suggestions
  7. Precision - how are you finding tdc compression for each cylinder?
  8. Believe me rockers are adjusted right...Laroccas did three pulls on the dyno and they started tapping so they adj them and same **** happened as when i did them.3 pull 3 runs loose again.Question i am asking is why they are doing this not how to adj rockers........
  9. Just out of curiosity, what did LaRocca's say they thought the problem was? They are purported to have some experts there.
  10. At Laroccas it was the first time they came loose so it was not know that there was a problem at that time.I tried calling and can never get a tech on the phone to give me there opinion.They took my # down and im still waiting for a phone call??????