Loses Throttle Response In 2nd Gear

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  1. I have a pretty much stock 90 5.0 5spd mustang with the exception of exhaust, CAI, underdrive pulleys, and a 65mm bbk egr spacer. It seems to cut out sometimes in 2nd gear. If i take it out of gear and put it back in it revs up like normal and drives just fine. Also does perfect on the highway and never loses throttle response when not in gear. Anybody else had this problem before. It has a brand new fuel pump and fuel filter, brand new spark plugs and rotor, and recently new cap and spark plug wires. I just swapped a used 5.0 and t5 into it from a buddys mustang and it drove fine for about 100 miles then started acting up like this. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  2. sounds like 2nd gear is blown out. if it's driving great otherwise, then i would have it checked out.
  3. When it is in 2nd, step on the clutch. If the car then runs fine, you most likely have an issue in the 2nd gear synchros or the gear itself could be binding on the shaft.
  4. It doesnt seem like it has to do with the transmission. Its almost like it lacks fuel for a second because I can hit the gas but engine wont rev up at all unless I go to another gear or take it out of gear rev it up then put it back in gear. It has happened in other gears but seems to do it more in 2nd and it doesnt do it all the time. I know my synchro is going out in second gear though because it sometimes grinds when going into second. Would that really cause the engine to not rev up though? Thanks
  5. Ok. First it was in 2nd and now it's in other gears. It could be anything and it is impossible to diagnose given the limited information given. If the problem happened after installing the transmission my guess is something in the install was not right.
  6. ^^^^what happened here???
  7. take a video. what youare describing makes ZERO sense.
  8. Ok cant really take a video because it is an intermittent problem. What happens is, I will be driving it around town, shift into 2nd , let off the clutch and go to give it gas but it will not go like the throttle body is not even opening up. I dont see how that could have anything to do with the transmission. What else do you need to know?
  9. Figured out the problem but don't know what I can do to fix it. When it gets low on gas and I go around turns it cuts out cause the fuel pump quits picking up fuel. It has a brand new fuel pump in it and this happens in between a quarter and half a tank.
  10. Chances are your gauge is not as accurate as you were hoping for. I'm still curious as to why it only is in second gear. If it was a fuel issue wouldn't you always have this problem, ie every gear?
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  11. well thats just normally when it does it but it did it in 3rd gear too. it usually happens getting on the highway or making sharp turns and yeah my fuel guage was off